Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Area and New Hair

You are going to be the best Stake Relief Society President in the WORLD!!! I love working with them here on my mission. You will probably get a lot of fun opportunities to go out and work with the missionaries... well I don't actually know how missionary work works in Utah, but here in Texas the leaders are the people that you want to work with and become great friends with :)

Man on man this week has been crazy/exhausting/fun/ spiritual. As you all know we had transfers last week and I stayed in my new area of Houston 1 NE. Transfer meeting was really long, and sad. I loved being companions with Hermana Shill and we were having a lot of fun together, but it's what the Lord wants. And again I've been blessed with an AMAZING companion. Her name is Hermana Washburn. She is from Orem, UT she has been on her mission 17 months and goes home the end of this transfer... sad :(Hermana Washburn has had probably one of the hardest missions I have ever heard of and I really look up to her. She started her mission feeling great and loving being a missionary. She went to a school that starting in 1st grade up to 9th grade you only speak Spanish. So she's fluent!! :) YAY I have a native. Well she had two transfers of a great mission and then she became really sick. And had to live with President and his family,the Sister Mortenson (finance lady) and Sister Martinez ( Mission nurse) She took turns going from house to house. She then became a service missionary and her and her companion would go and help less actives in there ward. She was on Chemo pills for a while and any other treatment/ medicine you can think of. She was also switched over to English after her 2nd transfer. I can't remember what she finally got diagnosed with, but President told her that if she stays for the whole 18 months she will become healthy. So now it's her very last transfer in the mission and she healthy again. :) I love miracles! She's also on this crazy healthy diet, and everything she eats is organic. She made me some really yummy tilipia the other day and we have Herbal tea together every morning. :)  I love her so much. She also went to hair school and guess what................... I cut my hair and dyed it brown..... that's not a joke. :) It was super dead and needed help so we had some fun with it. 

Hermana Shill sadly didn't stay in the zone, but I got to talk to her at a devotional on Sunday and yesterday and Zone Conference and she's having fun being in a new area. My area is doing great! Were really just going around right now trying to get to know all the members in our area and all the less actives. I love all the people in this area and I'm so grateful to be serving here and doing the work. Yesterday after a wonderful Zone conference.
This week I have really come to understand myself better and what I need to do to change my vision for the mission. I have been very blessed here and in my home life, and I haven't been as grateful as I should be. Everything that I've been studying the scriptures is exactly what President Ashton and the Assistants talked about in Zone Conference.

This transfer is going to be amazing. The work is hastening on, and I've really love having the Holy Ghost directing each and everyday..

This week we really didn't get to see a whole lot of investigators so hopefully we can this week and I can tell you all about the amazing lessons that we receive.

I love you all SOOOOOOOOOOO much!! I don't have pictures of me and my companion yet.. so you wont be able to see my hair and her till next week... sorry.

I would like to think it is warm here, but I'm freezing. My companion  and I wake up freezing cold every night... but all is well. I really thought Texas would be warmer than it is in the winter. I think the humidity has a lot to do with it. It gets deep down into your bones and you can never warm up.

Yesterday we had Zone Conference and President announced about whats going on in the Philippines. I am glad to hear that Hailey is okay. President told us that since the water is really warm in the ocean we need to prepare here too. So we got all new 72 hour kits.

Les Quiero

Hermana Watkins

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