Monday, November 4, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,
My dear companion  is getting transferred, and we only had three weeks together. Only 4 people are getting transferred from our zone this transfer, but we all thought that almost all the zone would change.I am super sad right now that she is leaving though. We got the call this morning and I of course I started crying. I kind of felt it coming, especially after the things that happened this week. Not only am I sad, but I am terrified for my life, because I will now be taking over the biggest city areas in the whole mission..... I have no idea how I'm going to do this. Thank goodness for the help from God. This is going to be fun!!!!.................. Hopefully. And I really wonder who my new companion will be. I have gone through 4 companions in the last transfer, counting Hermana Wilzbach, and three different areas. My poor baby Hermana Groves is getting a new trainer too. Hermana Carlson is getting transferred as well. So many crazy changes that no one in the world expected.
This week was pretty slow with the work, but went by fast at the same time. In this area now EVERYONE feeds us. :) Super good news!! Everyone likes me because I like spicy food. One of the best cooks in this area.. or Houston asked us to come over to have Thanksgiving dinner with her. Hermana Shill is super upset that she's missing it, but I will still be here to pig out!!! My food source has turned into beans and tortillas nearly everyday... hahah Yummy!! 
Our ward had an awesome Halloween activity on Tuesday and the missionaries were in charge of an activity.  I decided to do hanging donuts from a string and all the Hispanics LOVED it!! I think I loved it even more watching kids from age 4 up to parents doing it.. haha I love my ward. I also took some super cute pictures of Ivan who was the super cute Chub from my last area with HNA Carlson and Groves.
This past week I had an exchange on Halloween day and we had planning all day and then we exchanged at 4 and then I received my blessing that I emailed Mom and Dad and then we had to be in by 7 because of Creepy people on Halloween, so we didn't get any work done. But I did receive my package from Mom on Halloween and it totally made my day, and everyone that was with me :) Thank you.

Yesterday we had an amazing Fast Sunday. :) J G is the guy who's baptism I spoke at and then I ended up moving in to this area a week later, he got confirmed yesterday :) and then he went up and bore his super strong testimony and the Spirit was there very strongly. I love him!! We then had two super awesome lessons. One was with the Jewish family and we taught a brother the Restoration. He had a lot of super interesting questions that I definitely need to study up on before I got back and teach again. He also pulled out his Torah and read in Hebrew to us. They are a super legit family and I really like teaching them, but it's going to be hard. If you have any ideas on how to teach a Jewish family let me know... Ross... :) We also had a really spiritual/ freezing cold lesson out side with our amazing recent convert  who is now a ward missionary leader, and his roommate accepted a baptismal date. I was shivering the whole lesson, but the spirit was soooo strong and beautiful. He's really excited to receive an answer if this church is true, and he already has a lot of faith that it is. :)
Well other than that this has probably been the worlds fastest transfer in the world/ craziest transfer in the world. I think my mind might blow up with all the amazing things/ people/ companions that I have learned and met this transfer. I have been truly blessed and I'm excited to see the things that are to come. I know this is the plan that God has for me and I have a very strong testimony of this church. I know it is true!
Thank you for all your prayers and patience with me. I love you all. Have a wonderful week, and share the Gospel with all that you come in contact with.
Les Quiero

Hermana Watkins

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