Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

AHHHHHH I am freaking out right now!! Tomorrow I get to talk to you, and see all of your beautiful faces!!!! Holy Moly I am totally stoked for this. We will be Skyping you from the Rojas families computer. :) He is in our Stake Presidency and is LEGIT!! They also said we can use their house phone just in case the skype is slow. :) I will be calling you around 12 p.m. here so it will be 11 a.m.there :) right.... I don't you can figure that out. I am superly duperly stoked. It really doesn't feel real... but it is!!!! YAY!!
So back to the mission. Yesterday we had a bomb Christmas party. The party went from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. :) It went a  little longer then it was supposed to, but it was totally worth it. We all met down in Lexington which is basically Sugarland. We started off with an awesome/ super spiritual conference. We had a patriach come and talk to us about the Abrahamic Covenant and a lot of really cool things that I don't have time to type. But I was super overwhelmed with the spirit of Elijah and I received an email today from Grandma and Grandpa Merrell that you guys have 14 family names to take to the temple!! You are all amazing! I can't wait to come home and do family history work. I can't wait to get to know all of my ancestors. I can feel them working with me and helping me out every single day. I love it!! We then had President and his wife speak and one of the Houston Stake presidents. We also had a really cool demostration on learning American Sign Language, because the ASL missiounaries in Houston cover all of Texas!! After the Conference we had movie time and I watch Ephraims Rescue.. have ya'll seen it?? I heard it is a new movie this year. If you haven't seen it, WATCH IT! It was super good. I was crying throught he whole thing. The movie also made me want to know my ancestors better. WATHC IT!!  After the movie we had some good o'le Texas BBQ :) and then we played some games, took lots of pictures, and then we had a big slide show that was put together of this whole year. I love my mission!!
You probably all want to know about my new companion. Well her name is Hermana Hubbard, and we have been in the same zone our whole mission. I LOVE HER!! And I have no doubt that God loves us. Hermana Hubbard, Shill, and I are like BFFL and I've now been companions with them both :) She is a lot like my dear best friend Hailey Sprouse. They do a lot of the same things and it kind of wierds me out a lot!! We are really excited to work together and to build this area up. We have already seen miracles after miracles. We have started putting together our vision for this area and we really want to work with out members and less actives right now to gain better relationships with them. :) We have like 5-6 lessons a day right now and it feels amazing :) I love working with Less Actives. Speaking of which my favorite less active from my first area, Marcos. HE CAME TO CHURCH SUDAY!!!!!!! It was the first time he has come in 15 YEARS!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS to me and God!!!!! And he brought 3 of his friends with him and he told me that he felt amazing at church and wants to come back :) And then Fransico had an interview with President on Sunday and President then met with me to get some more information about him, and President told me that he said that Fransico is one of the strongest investigators he has ever met!!! He also told me that he is going to write his letter to the First Presidency this week and he said that Fransico can probably be baptized in the next month!!!! :) This is probably the greatest Christmas of my life. It would be 1,000 times better if my family was here. But right now I have my Texas family that needs my help and the Lords help, and I am so grateful for this opportunity. And I get to talk to you all tomorrow!!! :) AHHHHHHHHHHH I love Christmas... But when I looked at the temperature in our car today I really feel like we are celebrating Christmas in June. It was 70 degrees this morning!! :) How's the snow??? haha
This past week has been amazing! I love seeing God's hand in this work. It is such a personal plan and is so beautiful. Like I said before we have been working with the members and less actives this week and we watched the movie Joy to the World with all of them and the spirit in that movie is so beautiful and I cry everytime. I love this message that we have to share. The 'Good News' we have a Savior. We are not perfect, but through him we can be, and will be if we allow it. When we allow something to happen we have an action. This is something I learned a lot about on my mission. With faith comes action. Everyone here likes to tell us they have faith in Christ, but then they don't do anything he asks us to do. We need to action part in ourlives to move forward.
I Know that God lives and that this is his plan. We are his literal spirit children, and he loves us very much. Hermana Hubbard and I are like on the same level of Spanish and teaching and we have truly witnessed over and over again that God really does exist and that when we are doing what he wants us to do he gives us help. The spirit has been so powerful in all of lessons. Our spanish isn't amazing, but the spirit is. The spirit is what changes hearts. Everyone that we ask referrals from tells us that their friends aren't ready or their hearts are to hard. Well, if God can do anything can't he change someones heart. I am simply here to be the instrument or the mouth piece, but it is the spirit of God that changes the hardest of hearts to become people like Fransico that could some day be Bishops or a missionary or just an awesome member. I love this gospel and I tesify that it is true. We have a Savior who lives!
Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad!!
Hermana Watkins
P.s. So tomorrow I will probably call first from the members home and give you all of their skype information and then I will wait to hang up until the skype connects, and if skype is slow I will just have you call their house phone back so the phone bill goes to you and not them.
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you all soooooooooooooooooooooo much. I don't want to stop emailing because I am so excited to see you all tomorrow. :) YAY!!! No crying... haha who am I kidding!! Les Quiero!!

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