Thursday, January 2, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Where do I even begin? I'm just going to start from the beginning of the week, and sorry but this might be the longest email of my mission. But it's JAMMED packed with the love that God gave me and my companion and this area. 

Monday we had the super awesome Christmas Party with the whole mission and got to enjoy a day full of the Christmas spirit and fun. Then that night we had a fun FHE and a yummy Guatamalen dinner... ( I don't know how to spell) 

Tuesday- MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE/ Pday :) Had a awesome pday and cut Hermana Listers hair. That was an adventure. She is the one with super short hair, and I cut like 2 inches off. WOAH!! Miracle number 1. haha After pday ended we went to one of our less actives families and had Christmas Tamales :))) <- those are my double chins. And they lit off fireworks and they invited all of their family over for us to teach them a message about Christ. That night we went and tried some potentials and had a feeling to go visit our Best Friend Mauro who is a less active/ recent convert from June. We show up and he was BBQing fajita meat and sausage with tortillas. Once we showed up he ran in and pulled out some plates and invited us to eat with him. We then started asking him about his family, and we found out that he has lived in Houston for 11 years and hasn't seen his kids since then :( I don't think I have ever seen so much sadness in someones eyes before. I am so happy that we followed the spirit and got to celebrate that day with him. I love him!! We then went home and opened our PJ's.:) Thanks mom and dad!!!

Wednesday- MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Well first of all I got to talk to my family :) :) I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to talk to all of you, and man I have a good looking family! It was a miracle skype worked for me because my companion was having a lot of problems with it. Charlotte is adorable and tell her happy birthday for me Sunday! We went and had a really good lesson with one of our recent converts and he is preparing to go to the temple with some family names :) Then we went to one of our members home and had some more tamales. And then we finished then night off with our investigator Blanca with more tamales and frijoles :) Our fridge is now jammed packed with tamales. And all through out the day we talked to everyone on the street about Christ and passed out Cards about Christ.

Thursday- is our day of weekly planning, and after planning we had 3 really spiritual lessons with some of our less actives/ recent converts. And one of our investigators Edgar came with us to one of our recent converts Ramon's and had a really powerful lesson where Ramon shared how AWESOME this church is and how true it is. It was so spiritually powerful and I loved seeing the excitement that Ramon had while sharing his testimony.

Friday- This day was and on are just FULL of miracles. So we have been running out of miles for a car, because each area is given a certain amount for each month, so we decided to try out the bus system. The first thing we did after studies was hope on the bus and see if we could figure out how to get around. We met the coolest people on the bus and it was an awesome finding experience. We also met 2 members. One of them was our bus driver and before we got on the bus she hoped off and showed us her church library on her phone, and she thanked us for all the work that we do. She was so awesome! We then had a lesson with one of our members Hermana Potter and we had planned for her to come out with us after her lesson. We went and tried people but know was home so then we asked her who are the people she has taught with the missionaries before. She told us about Gustavo and was like lets go see him right now. Off we went and him and his wife were so excited to see us and invited us in for dinner and fed us some amazing Honduran food and we had a great lesson with them and they want us to come back!!! HUGE MIRACLE!! I'm not very good at describing how awesome this day was. The rest of the day we went around talking to EVERYONE!! And God blessed us with people that right when we started introduing ourselves they would ask us when we can come over and teach them!! WOAH!!

Saturday- First thing after studies we hoped on our bikes (in December) and went out to try and teach some of the news that we met and some of the referrals that we received. While doing this we came in contact with this cute old lady that told us about all the times God has saved her from not dying. We then asked her if we could come back some time and hear more about her experience and if we could teach her. She said, ya you can come teach me and my family right now. So we went in and taught a big family about the Restoration and then her daughter gave us a free facial... and my face still hurts from it, but it was worth it! We then rode our bikes to one of our favorite complexes to try some more potentials and this random lady came up to us, and asked us who we are and what we do. She is from Honduras and I LOVE people from Honduras, and I told her that, and that I love their food... so she invited us in and gave us a huge plate of Chicken and fried bananas with cream and lots of yummy things. We then taught all of her family :) and her son-in-law was helping us with our Spanish and gave me this Legit Spanish dictionary, because the one they give us for the mission is Spain Spanish and no one here knows those words..... Then after the miracle lesson her son took us to his brothers apartment and asked if we could teach them. They we're about to leave, but we set up an appointment with them for this week. :) After all these crazy miracles. We went to the bus stop and this crazy drunk guy came up and talked to my companion for an hour.... I apparently didn't exist... but I was okay with that haha. The bus on Saturday are an hour apart so we got to listen him talk for an hour about Presidents and NASA :) Then the bus finally came and we had know idea where it was going and it turns out it took us to Houston East Mission and we didn't know where to get off, but we felt like we needed to stay on. So we taught like 3 lessons on the bus, and met some super cool people. After an hour of not knowing where we were we called our leaders and got off and found another bus that took us home just in time for our last set lesson with Ramon. And he had some awesome news to tell us that he is going to quit his job and find a new job where he doesn't have to work on Sundays so he can prepare to go to the temple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! That day was AMAZING!! MIRACLE AFTER MIRACLE!! One of the families I talked to on the bus really wants to come to church and said that we were an answer to their prayers. 
Sunday- MAURO AND LETY came to church!! Two less actives that we invite every week to come to church and haven't come for months now, and they both randomly showed up this week!!!!!!!!! Also we had two investigators come, and all of our services were all about la obra de misional or missionary work. After church we went and taught one of our potentials Javier, who is also from Honduras.. like everyone else in this area. I LOVE HONDURAS!! And then we had a super, super spiritual lesson with one of our members. She had a really hard day because all of her siblings were getting baptized in another church. So we went over and she was chilling in bed and we came in and talked about how awesome this church is, and she wants to come out with us like 3 times a week and wants to feed us :) Then we received a referral from some of the English sisters and they are so prepared to be baptized. We talked about the Gospel with her and gave her a Book of Mormon and she is so excited to read it and to come to church this week.

Well you may not be able to tell how awesome this week was, but my companion and I decided this week that we are just going to turn our will over to God and to be grateful for EVERYTHING and talk to EVERYONE! And he blessed us mucho! Yesterday we added up our weekly numbers and found out that we received 10 news, 12 referrals and we had 19 lessons. Coolest week of my life!!! I love this gospel and I know that it is true, and I have received an even stronger testimony that when we truly do what God has asked us to do we WILL receive blessings.

I love you all soooooooo much!!!

Les Quiero

Hermana Watkins 

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