Monday, January 6, 2014

9 months on Friday

 I will be hitting my 9 month mark this week. I don't know what I think about that right now. I can't believe Charlotte is now 1 years old. I thought when you go on your mission the lives of everyone back home freeze, and then start up again when I come home??? I'm just happy to hear that all is well back home and your all still missing me :)

Last week was so different from the week before. We tried visiting all of our new investigators and people that we met on the road or wherever, but for some reason no one was home this week. But we still saw a lot of miracles. We were able to meet with all of the members that are in our area and to help them understand their role in this work. We now have many of lessons planned with the members coming out with us, and them having family home evenings in their homes with us and investigators. In our area we have President Rojas who is the in Stake Presidency and we had an awesome lesson with him and his family last night. They told us that they want us to use their house as a missionary tool, and have investigators go over their all the time and have lessons and eat dinners with them. Oh and next week we are going to the temple with them. :) They're amazing! The week he is going to pick up Elder Russell M. Nelson from the airport, because we have our Stake Conference with him this week :) AHHHHHHHHH!! 

Other things that happened this week, we got lost on the bus.... again... on Saturday... again... haha so we ended up getting off and walking for an hour back to another bus stop. Those are always fun memories to have on a mission. 

Mom and Dad you both told me in your email that you will be making goal charts today for FHE. Me too! I actually have been doing a study on setting goals and I found some scriptures that I really liked, but I just realized that I left my planner in the car... so I will share those with you next week. :) We had some awesome lessons with some of our less actives. Mauro and Ramon or Tamon and Pumba are like our best friends! We went and celebrated the news years with them and made little goal charts. They both set little goals to accomplish their big goals of going back to church and eventually entering the temple this year. :) I love them both sooooo much!! 

Well I need to hurry and email my President before time runs out. :) I love you all. Remember to set goals that will help you reach spiritual growth and make you stronger in the church. When we do that I know that the things that we need like a car or clothes or food will come after. God knows what we need. 

Oh and I almost forgot. Fransico bore his testimony in Sacrament yesterday. It was AMAZING!!!! I love him so much! You should see how much the ward loves him too. Bishop can't wait for him to be member so he can give him a legit calling. And President Ashton thinks that we might get his letter this week saying if he can get baptized are not. 

Love you all!! Have a wonderful week and beginning of the year. 
Les Quiero
Hermana Watkins

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