Monday, January 27, 2014

Snowing Miracles

You have already heard a lot of what happened last week, because my last email was on Wednesday and it was jammed packed with miracles and blessings. Well not only did it snow miracles, but I believe Sheri Dew brought Utah here with her. We woke up Friday morning to sliding across our balcony on ice...... brrrrrr. All day Friday we had our Sister Training Meeting from 8-5 and the drive to Sugar Land was DEATH!!!! But the power of prayer truly does exist. All of the freeways were super slippery. But me being a cocky, I was thinking that these Texas drivers don't know how to drive... so right when I got on the Freeway I started speeding past everyone... and for a little while everything was fine... until the car started sliding everywhere, but don't worry  everything worked out fine. We actually still made it to the meeting on time. I think we saw over 30 accidents and then they ended up closing down all the freeways. Crazy Texas weather!! 

The meeting was amazing and I learned a ton. Especially from our guest speaker Sheri Dew :) She is Hermana Baer's aunt! She gave us a lot of homework to do, and so far it's really helped me to see even more how much the scriptures talk about us. The prophets always testify of Jesus Christ that he is coming or that he has already come, and then they testify and preach of our times. God saved us for these last days. We really are so important and have so much to do here. She also asked us to do some homework to see how as women we really have the Priesthood as well. We may not have the actual keys or the authority, but we have the power with us at all times. We are under those who hold the authority, which means we have that power as well. 

 Some of the things that happened this week were that one of the recent convert families that was in the elders area moved into our area last week and they are LEGIT!! The father is actually excommunicated, but started the process to be baptized again. Since he began his wife and three daughters got baptized in December. They are from Puerto Rico and I honestly cannot understand like half of what he says. They are so hard to understand, but good thing they speak English as well. We had a testimony meeting with them to better understand them, and we were all sobbing. The spirit was so strong and it was the first time that the girls have born their testimonies and WOAH. You can definetely tell when someone has been taught by the Holy Ghost. I love them, and the girls are really excited to come out and teach lessons with us :) 

The less active family that I've been telling you about that we found through a referral... THEY CAME TO CHURCH!!! The son came up and told me at church that he wants to be baptized :) They are so legit and I feel at home when I'm with them. Her daughter  is going to start coming out and teaching with us as well. She really is starting to think about going on a mission. She told us that she wants to help people receive the joy she received the first day we knocked on their door. Also another one of our less actives came to church and is still planning on going to the temple. 

 Oh yeah one last thing.... my companion is getting transferred. :(I love changing, but I would really like to be with my companions longer than 3 or 6 weeks. But He has a plan for me and I'm excited to see what is going to happen in this transfer.
Well I love you all sorry I might not have time to send pictures again :( but just know that I love you all soooo much!!

Hermana Watkins

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