Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Half way and Stake Conference

WOW! Saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conference and we we're one lucky Stake to have Elder Russel M. Nelson come and talk. :) :) This story all starts with Saturday night we were driving to the Saturday night session and we were all talking singing good o'le motab and right when we pulled into the parking lot we were all FILLED with the Holy Ghost. I knew without a doubt that Elder Nelson was already there and we were on very sacred grounds. 

The Saturday session was amazing and exactly what the stake needed. The whole session was about Missionary work, and President and Sister Ashton spoke and then Elder Hansen in the Quorum of the Seventies spoke and the Elder Nelson had missionaries come up and talk about their wards and if the members are helping with the work. He really helped all the members see how important it is that they help us with this work, and that they need to! At the end of the session we all got to go up and shake his hand. 

Something that I really have learned this past week and learned even more from Elder Nelson is sharing basic truths. Also, with the Restoration we start off with God is our loving Heavenly Father. This basic point is crucial! A lot of people say that they know God exists and that he loves them... but it's almost like they say it because it's tradition. I KNOW he lives. He LOVES us. This plan shows how much he loves. John 3:16 show's his love perfectly. Elder Hansen used to be a mission President in the Houston mission and was telling us that he realized that all the Spanish missionaries received more lessons and more baptisms and he didn't understand until he had the Spirit of Elijah teach him that those that speak Spanish are descendants of those who are in the Book of Mormon. Really would not have this church without the Book of Mormon.

Sunday session was the coolest thing I have ever been a part of. I don't believe there are words in the world to describe what happened. The spirit was SO strong. President of the temple and his wife came and spoke about the blessings of the temple and all the members need to get there. This is something the stake has been struggling with. It's been really hard to get recent converts and less actives to the Temple. So the talks were perfect and made me cry... A LOT!!! I love the Temple! The coolest part was when Elder Nelson spoke though.  He talked a lot to the parents and telling them that they have to teach their kids about their Heavenly Father and help them to know that he is their for them. Teach them more than one language, and the language of love and the spirit. He then had all the children stand up and he asked them all the sing Soy un Hijo de Dios... or in English I am a child of God. Everyone was balling!!! The spirit was so strong and you could really feel the love that God has for the children. I loved it!! Almost all of the speakers had a translator with them.... which made the meeting a little longer, but Elder Nelson at the end of his talk he told us that he wants to make this experience a once and a life time thing, so he asked us all to give him all of our faith, and he turned and said something to the translator and then turned back and started speaking FLUENT and FAST Spanish. I know this church is true!! I wish you could have all been there to witness a true apostle of God using the Gift of Tongues right there in front of us! Lets start repenting now, and follow every teaching we've been given. We will fall, but we have the Savior with us at all times. I know that it is true! I am a witness of the truthfulness. 
Astro Stadium
Dancing on her mission?
Friday we celebrated/ mourn that I was hitting my 9 month mark..... time is flying, but we had Papa Murphys pizza.
Emily visiting Astro Stadium

Last but not least yesterday night Hermana Hubbard and I were super pumped after conference to just go out and talk to everyone and to share this amazing message that we have about how the church has been Restored. We had a lot of fun talking to everyone, and then we had a feeling to go and see one of our new investigators that we only had one lesson with. Right when we walked in the spirit was already there, because sitting on the coffee table was her Book of Mormon opened and being used. We then taught the most powerful Restoration I have ever taught. Just baring witness over and over again that God loves us soooooo much!!  I don't believe I have ever felt so much love for a person before. I know that God loves each of us very much. At the end of our lesson we talked about the Book of Mormon and asked her how her reading has been. She then looked at us and told us that she knows this book is true. Every time she has a question she immediately goes to the book and prays and then opens it and there's her answer. She said that the BOM is her companion and she needs to read it everyday to feel good. HOLY COW!!! What more can I say. The church is true!! God truly is preparing people to hear the truth. This is his plan, and she is his daughter. I LOVE IT!!!

I love you all so much!!! And I know that God loves you all and is grateful for everything that you do. Remember to read the Book of Mormon everything we need to know is in that book. I promise! Next week I would love for everyone that emails me to email me about what you read in the Book of Mormon this past week. Oh and real quick this morning we went  to the Astro Stadium and it was Awesome!! I will send pictures. :) 
Hermana Watkins

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