Monday, June 23, 2014

Dearest Family,

The past week went by a little slower than most but we found we were blessed with lots of little things. Yesterday we had a HUGE miracle. Our investigator   CAME TO CHURCH! She has been taught by the missionaries for the past 3 months and has made a lot of progression, but as of recently a lot of things have been happening in her life that have been keeping her from progression. The day finally came and I was so excited to see her walk into those church doors. That is one thing that hasn't been that hard for me in the mission and now being in Sunnyside we are basically pulling teeth to get people to church. On Thursday I had  interviews with President Ashton and he pointed out on my record that same thing that I have always been able to get people to church. He told me that when he was Branch President in his mission that he would still talk to everyone and invite them to church, but if they didn't show up that week, and didn't have a good excuse for not coming then he wouldn't go back and teach them. He has invited me and Sis. Jackson to do the same. It's going to be hard, but I know it will help a lot.
Emily found this cane in the apartment and tried using it to be able to empathize with Ross.  Look at her tan feet!

Some crazy things happened this week. On Monday we went over to have a lesson with an investigator and her daughters. The mom came to the door and told us that she's not doing to good. Long story short - that morning her husband  got up early and packed up all of his stuff, took their money, and stole her car (their only car), and left them. We went in and had a very powerful lesson with her about the trials of our faith and why we have trials. She then told us that though her situation is hard at the moment it was what she prayed for. She prayed to God that he would take all the things out of her life that are keeping her from progressing towards baptism. She prayed for that!! :) She loves the gospel and is so excited to be baptized. We then set up with her that we were going to come by every week to teach her and her daughters the last couple lessons. As the week went on we received sad news that they would be moving that Friday into the elders area :( And as of right now the only way of contact that we have with her is her cell phone that has been shut off, due to lack of money :( I know God will either put her in the missionaries path, or the missionaries in her path... I just hope it happens soon.

On Friday and Saturday I had an awesome exchange with Sister Tavu'i. She is from Australia and she is Polynesian, but she doesn't like Polynesians. haha Her dad is Samoan and her mom is German and they live in Australia. Crazy! We had a blast together and saw a lot of blessings as the day went on. They have a couple in their ward that are from Nevada and they are only here so the husband can go to the cancer center here. We went and visited them in the hospital. We had to dress up in all these aprons so we wouldn't get him sick. He had a tumor on the right side of his pelvic and a couple weeks ago they ended up moving not only the tumor, but that side of the pelvic bone and his right leg. During a very spiritual lesson on the atonement the spirit taught me that I have it pretty easy compared to this couple. They are so strong and I loved talking with them and hearing their testimonies on using the power of the atonement in their lives.

A couple weeks ago we had received a headquarters referral for a less active. We have stopped by numerous times to try and see him, but have had no luck. Saturday we were blessed to finally meet the family. They a newly wed couple as of a year, and the wife was actually baptized a month before they were married. Sadly they have both gone less active. But I am so excited to work with them. They were originally going to a Spanish ward, but now with the move they prefer English :) Now I get to practice my spanglish, and hopefully remember some Spanish :) The goal with them is to get them sealed in the temple in the next couple months. :) :)

We also got lucky to help out at the Juneteenth celebration of the freedom of the blacks here in Texas. It was a huge party with African drummers and inspirational speakers, and some good O'le Texa BBQ :) :) All the missionaries in our zone helped out and I talked to and relieved a lot of awesome referrals for the... of course... the elders. I believe that is my purpose in this area - to help out all the other missionaries to receive their elect. As long as the work is getting done I'm happy.
Emily's companion in the rain.

P.s. it's raining elephants and hippos here. I would say cats and dogs but they're not big enough to explain the rain storms here in Texas. Looks like we'll be spending some extra time in the library till the flooding goes down. :)

Well that's all folks. I love you mucho!!

Hermana Watkins

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