Monday, June 30, 2014

"The Patient is a Little Mentally Slow"

Last Monday after preparing for the week my companion and I went to the Pearland church building to finish off the rest of our Pday with our zone. We first played a couple games of Volleyball and then played a get to know you game. After a couple awkward rounds of the get to know  you game we started playing the missions famous game of Scatterball. This game is basically a game of one on one dodge ball. It's usually played with 4-5 nerf balls, but the elders thought we should be fine playing with two hard volleyball's since none of us owned nerf balls. I LOVE SCATTER BALL, but after getting hit in the head 5-6 times last Monday my opinion has sadly changed. After the last time getting hit I sat down because I was out, and then minutes later I was back in. I stood up and my world went black. I had slid down the wall and next thing I know it I couldn't move or talk to get help. Long story short I got a concussion, surprise, surprise. Missions are just full of surprises. I spent a good 3 hours laying on the church floor and they had a member who is an ER doctor come and check me out and then give me a blessing. He had me go through all the awkward questions and then randomly he asks me to count down from a 100 by 7's... I don't know about you, but I can't do this with or without a concussion. My sweet zone leaders and companions did a good job at keeping me awake and talking to me. haha good bonding times. :)
So my week goes as followed. Monday night they sent me home with strict rules that my companion had to wake me up after every hour for a couple hours to make sure I was still alive ;) Tuesday morning I woke up with a horrible head ache and I still had dizziness so I was sent to the ER and our medical advisor Sister Mecham then became my companion while Hermana Johnson and Olson took my companion to go to the mission office. I got a CT scan and there was no bleeding in my brain but they said I for sure have a concussion. When the doctor first got in the room the nurse was telling him about what happened and then she said, "and the patient is a little mentally slow"..... I was laying right there haha. After the ER Sister Mecham took me to President Ashton and we had an interview so he could better understand what happened and what the doctors want me to do for the week. I love President Ashton, when we were in the interview he was joking around about how all he has to do is get a concussion and then he can rest... Poor guy does so much and never gets to rest. He also really liked to comment about how I was mentally slow..... :(
Tuesday- Saturday we were on exchanges with Hermana Johnson and Olson. Tuesday - Thursday Hermana Olson stayed in the apartment with me while Hermana Johnson and my companion went out and worked both the English area and the Spanish. Than Friday- Saturday Hermana Johnson and I FINALLY became companions :) :) the Vernalites were together, and we both had head problems. I had my concussion and she had head lice..... almost all the sisters in the mission have received head lice... and I'm just praying I don't get it. I've had enough problems :)
Saturday while Hermana Johnson's and my companion were working our areas the Spanish stake was having their stake conference, and Hermana Johnson had to go... so I received a huge tender mercy and I got to see my Houston 1 family :) :) :) Francisco started crying when he first saw me, and almost gave me a hug, but he caught himself. Guadalupe and Nefi are doing good. She is still waiting for him to be worthy to baptize her :( but it was so good seeing them. I still remember Spanish :) It really hurt my head, but God help me to get through it. After the conference Francisco went up to President Ashton and told him about his two angels that brought him into the Gospel... he is so embarrassing!
As of right now I still have major headaches and it's hard for me to concentrate. It's basically taken my whole hour and a half to type this email, but hey all is well. From what Sister Jackson says the area is doing good. Yesterday was my first day going out :) Church was awkward because President had the zone leaders have a training with all the elders in my zone about the true identity of women, and how they should be treated. They all have to personally hand write a sorry letter to me. But we had a genealogy class yesterday and we helped a lot of our members find family names and had the biggest turn out the branch has had since I've been here.
 I love you all very much. No need to worry about me things happen for a reason. Just keep me in your prayers that my headaches will go away so I can concentrate more on the work. Love you tons!!
Hermana Watkins

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