Thursday, May 16, 2013

Last P-day in the MTC!

Feliz Miercoles!!!! :) haha
 So I bet your wondering about my results from the doctor??????? I had a miracle happen. It happened because of all the prayers and fast everyone said and did for me. I know that without a doubt!! Dr. Sutton said that in both tests it look like I had infection all over and a lot of the tissue had been damaged, but everything has been healed over and I don't have ANYTHING wrong with me. He took me off all of my medicines,but said to keep taking the prilosec, especially with the mexican food I will be eating soon. I love my Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ with all my heart, and I KNOW they live. They will help everyone. Only if your willing to be patient, and keep enduring. I and the doctor's know that something was seriously wrong with me, but through my endurance and patience, and with all the prayers and fast I HAVE BEEN HEALED! I am meant to be out on this mission. I have a purpose, a good one! God knows that, and was testing me to make me stronger. I am willing to receive any trial and challenge God has in store for me. Because in the end they're really blessings. I will be a better missionary because of this experience and all the other trials I have had. Look for the good in the bad ( or in your trials) Turn your hearts outwards and not inwards. Have all Faith in Christ. Show your faith through being EXACTLY obedient. I promise blessings will come. :) Ahhhhh how cool is this Gospel! It is AMAZING!! I can't wait to share it with the people in Texas.
This week has been miracle after miracle. Guess who came and spoke at yesterday's devotional? Another apostle! Elder Russel M. Nelson :) How awesome is that! I was in the third row to with mine and Hermana Florences friends that are going to Czech.  Elder Nelson and his wife both spoke to us. Sister Nelson spoke about how we not only have people here on earth praying for us, but the people I will be teaching have family on the other side of the veil praying for me to go and find there family and to teach them. I had never thought about that, and it's so cool to think that there are that many people praying for me and all the other missionaries out in the field. She also talked about how we can pray to have angels help us on our missions. We can pray for certain angels that speak our language or that have certain powers like Elijah, and the power to turn the hearts of the children their fathers. I love family history work and can't wait to get to know people and there families. Elder Nelson didn't have a specific topic, but just a lot of different things he want's us to know for our missions. One thing he really talked about and seems like everyone else has been talking about, is EXACT obedience. After listening to President Monsons talk from Generel Conference about obedience I wrote down in my journal that I wanted to have exact obedience in my mission. At first it wasn't to hard, but having a companion makes it a lot harder, because you're with them the whole time. If they're running late, so are you :( I have learned to have a lot of patience not only with myself, but the Lord, and everyone else around me. PATIENCE is key!! The one part I really loved about his talk is to forget about yourself. I need to become like Christ. I am taking the position of Christ right now. I am doing what Christ is unable to do right now. I can't be like Christ if I'm not being EXACTLY obedient or having patience, and seeing good in others. Throughout my mission I really wan't to work on all the attributes of Christ and become more like him. Elder Nelson challenged us throught out the mission and life to go to the Tropical Guide in the scriptures and read all 18 pages of scriptures on Christ. That way we can know exactly who he is and how we can be more like him. He also talked about being bold with the people we come across on the streets or teach in a lesson. Act like a doctor and ask them where they are hurting, and how you can help them. That way we can know exactly how to help them, and how to bring Christ  into there lives.

Every Tuesday after devotional we have our own district devotional with a member of our branch presidency where we have our own little devotional with a testimony meeting. After the devotional I now have a leadership meeting with everyone in the zone that has a leadership position, and President Cosgrave. During the meeting I had some person revelation come to me. I was thinking about the exact obedience and how I can apply it more in my companionship and in the district. In Relief Society on Sunday they talked about how we need to follow our pday schedule's to the exact so the temple and cafeteria's scheduled don't get mixed up. We have never followed that rule, because we wanted to start off earlier at the temple. Well I had this feeling come to me that the time they have been given us is on purpose, and if we follow it we will probably receive more revelation and or run into people that God wan'ts us to run into. After that thought came to mind it really made me think about all the times I had been disobedient and what I had missed out on because of it. Well this morning we went to the temple at the exact time we were supposed to, and after our session we were walking back down to the MTC and there was a girl that looked so familiar to me that was taking pictures with her family at the temple right before she enters the MTC. So I go up to her and told her how familiar she looked to me. She asked where I was from, and I told her Vernal. She started freaking out. She said she used to live there when she was little. I then had an impression to ask her if she ever went to girls camp in Vernal before. She had!!!! She is Mike Hadlock's little sister. Who I had a long talk with at girls camp. WOW!! Mikes dad came up to me and told me he remembered me from Mikes funeral and told me how proud he was that I was serving and he knows Mike is proud of me to.

Yesterday morning was Hermana Florence's and my first TRC experience. Where we go and teach people that are volunteers, but this time it was on Skype. Elder Haper-Smith and Porter got to teach three people from Mexico. One of the girls is getting baptized next week and her friends are non members, but thought it would be fun to talk to people in America. We got to talk to a return missionary who lives in Provo. We talked to her about personal revelation through church. The connection was really bad and I got super frustrated that I couldn't hear what she was saying, and how I could help her. Her husband was actually one of the computer tech's that was helping us with the sound. After we were done teaching her he told us that a couple months ago she was diagnosed with brain cancer and is having a baby in a week. After she has the baby she will start treatment. After we are done skyping the "investigator" emails us what we can  improve on and if we helped them. She emailed us and told us that we will be awesome missionaries and have very sweet spirits about us. She also said that even though she couldn't hear a lot of the things that we were saying, that the spirit taught her the things that she needed to know. I am so grateful for the spirit, and I know that I am not the teacher, but the spirit is. I would not be able to do this if it wasn't for the spirit.

I believe I told you I received my travel plans. I will be waking up at four in the morning next Tuesday, and getting on a bus that takes us to the Front Runner train and then takes us to the airport. I will be calling you around 5:30 6ish, and I will be calling Mom's cellphone.  I received a letter from my Mission President yesterday, saying how excited he was to meet me. Once we get off the plane we will go straight to the mission home and start having interviews. After the interviews we will then have dinner and a testimony meeting. That night all the sister's and Elders will go stay in apartments by the mission home. Wednesday morning we will go out and meet our trainers and start this wonderful work. Ahhhhhh I can't wait! I don't care if I can't speak the language perfectly yet. I am planning on going up to everyone the spirit tells me to and introducing myself and my purpose. :) There are 26 of us flying to our mission. I believe most of us are Spanish speaking, and some English, Vietnamese, and one other language. It's fun being here in the MTC and hearing the different languages and seeing people I know.

Real quick I am going to tell you about my position as a Sister Training Leader. I'm basically a district leader in women form. I have two meetings on Sunday, and one on Wednesday. Last Wednesday we received a brand new district in our zone, so I go to help the zone leaders orient ( I don't know if that is a word) them and help them know what is going to happen in the MTC. On Thursday we gave them a tour of the MTC and gave a short lesson about companionship inventory and the importance of being in a companionship. Every night I go and visit with all the girls and just hang out and ask how everything is going. I interview them once a week also. I love this position, and it has helped me grow as a missionary and truly be EXACTLY obedient, because they are all following my example. I love getting to know all of them and hearing their testimonies.

Mom and Lindsey good luck with the last week of school! That's super exciting. Alesha thank you for the package I LOVED It! I really, really, REALLY want more pictures of Charlotte!!!!!! I miss her TONS!! I also want to see pictures of our yard and the new chickens :)

On Sunday Janice Kapp Perry came and talked in Relief Society. She is the one that wrote A childs prayer, I love to see the temple, love is spoken here, and As sister's in Zion. She rewrote As sister's in zion to As sister's OF Zion and totally changed the words. I loved the new version. We we're the first ones to ever sing it too. :) She is writing a whole new album for sister missionaries. Also my stake president from Orem came and spoke at the Sunday night devotional. :) He is an amazing guy. And is the one that signed my papers. :)

This is a really REALLY long letter, and the funny thing is that I haven't even wrote half of what I wanted. But I have things to do. I love all of you very much, and I can't wait to talk to you on Tuesday!! :) No crying!!! Have a great week, and know God loves each and everyone one of you. All you need to do is turn to him and have all faith that he will help you, and he will I PROMISE!!!


Hermana Watkins

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