Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No Fun Weekend

Wow!!!! This past weekend has been CRAZY!! Like I told you in my letter home last week, Hermana Florence was sick Thursday and Friday. Saturday we were so excited to be finally in class, and then I started getting REALLY sick!! As you know I went to the Urgent Care on Saturday, ER on Sunday, and the MTC clinic on Monday, and then Tuesday the clinic wanted meet with a specialist....... It was so hard for me to be sitting right next to the secretary while she called you mom. I was bawling like a baby. It was so hard to hear your voice, and yet I couldn't talk to you.

Next Tuesday I will be getting an endoscopy, and if my stomach still hurts Friday, after taking all my prescriptions then they will do a colonoscopy the same time as the endoscopy. I am now on five different medications....... no fun! Lucky for me my Branch President is a doctor and is helping me out a lot! Even with all the medication I am still in a lot of pain. I have lost my appetite,but Hermana Florence makes me a like ten bites of everything. All I do is drink lots of water, and salads or wraps. I'm not to worried about my health. I know I am working during the Lords time and he will bless me. It's just another trial that will make me stronger as a missionary, teacher, and mom. :) The specialist told me that I probably didn't need to get my gal bladder out, he thinks it has to do a lot with my intestines.... fun!! ha The one thing that I hate about this, is that my companion is missing out on study time and learning the language. We have both fallen really behind in Spanish, but we have a teacher that is going to pull us aside and tutor us one on one. I can't wait for that.
The packages are delivered all through out the day, and I can open packages when ever, but I have to wait till 9:30 to open my letters. I LOVED my greenie package. I received it Monday when I wasn't feeling very good. Thank you!! It made me feel a lot better

I have received letters from Elder Memmott, Rex, my friends from the temple, you guys, grandma and grandpa merrell, Lindsey V. Anna, and (paco) Elder Wong.
It's really crazy to think I only have 2 1/2 more weeks left here..........Wow... where did the time go!
I sleep like a baby now :)

I have a really funny story that happened to me a week and a half ago. Hermana Florence and were walking up the stairs to go and teach our investigator Mathias. I tripped and fell on my face on the stairs, and a older guy behind me was asking if I was okay or if I needed help, and I started to laugh and covered my face and said oh embarrasado. I thought at the time that it met that I was embarassed, but I get to the top of the stairs and the older guy was like, I don't think you are embarrasado, he said I wouldn't be able to serve a mission if I was. I was really confused, but then he told me that that means I'm PREGNANT!!! Bahahahahha we then told Mathias about that story and he thought it was HILARIOUS!! ha I'm just glad I figured that out before I got to Texas. ha
I don't have a whole lot to say this week. Probably because half of the week I was either asleep or at the doctors. Thank you for all of your prayers. There's no way to doubt the church. I have received so many tender mercies the last couple days, and God is helping me A lot!!
I'm so happy Lindsey received her license. That's super exciting... and it's ABOUT time!! haha Love you Lindsey!! 
 Yesterday I found out Sister Merrett who's husband is in the branch presidency, teaches school at one of the schools here in Provo, and we figured out that she taught Drake. She said Drake was one of her favorite students and talked very highly of him and his family!! :) I also met Elder Coon who knew Sam really well, and we talk quite a bit.
Sometime today Hermana Florence and I are going to go smell a random tree at the MTC. Apparently it smells like butterscotch... we have to smell it. haha We watched like 50 people smell it the other night while we were studying outside on the lawn. haha

I Love you, Love you, Love you
Hermana Watkins



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