Monday, June 17, 2013

Hurricane drill

Good afternoon family and friends!! 
This week has been a roller coaster that I thought would never end. This morning was pretty interesting. We got a call at 5:30 saying that we needed to evacuate because a hurricane is coming. So first thing Hermana and I do is run outside to look at the sky and it's clear... no clouds, nothing. But we did as we were asked and packed up some belongings and are 72 hour kits and the other Hermana's came and picked us up and off we went to the chapel. Turns out it was just a fun little drill..... haha It was funny to see everyone with bed hair though :) I guess this years hurricane is supposed to be HUGE! I'm excited, but I'm glad we now know what to do just in case. 
Hermana Florence told me to tell you that she is so grateful for the package. She was rushed to the ER last week and had a ovarian cyst removed. Scary! She said she received your package when she was in the hospital and it lifted her spirits so much! She said she was going to write a letter, but didn't know when she would have time. So thank you!! 
Happy Father's Day yesterday dad. I'm glad you received my card. I didn't know how long mail took to get from Texas to Utah so I mailed it early so thanks for waiting. Also, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad this week. I hope your going to do something other than yard work, but yard work it fun too...... I actually had a weird urge the other day to do yard work so while riding our bikes I went and asked everyone that was outside if I could help them with yard work, but the hispanic people don't want us to help them with anything... lame.

So a little about our investigators. The  family that's not married haven't been doing the commitments we are giving them so we have to push their baptism date back to July 28th, hopefully they will be ready, because  the nephew leaves to Honduras in August and he and his cousin  are ready,but they both want to get baptized with the parents. But the dad doesn't want to get married.... so he can't get baptized. We had 10 new investigators last week and 5 of them excepted a baptismal date, and they are all progressing really fast, and I'm SUPER EXCITED!!! I love it! Surprisingly we had 17 lessons this week. I say surprisingly because I felt like everyone was gone or they didn't have time. But the God works is mysterious ways sometimes. I titled my email patience, because I still need to learn to have patience with myself and knowing that this isn't my plan, and that it's Gods plan, and I will progress with the language, teaching, learning, bike riding haha all on his time.

 The language is going great though. I teach almost half of the lessons now. I have like no confidence when it comes to the language, but all of our investigators say my accent is really good and I don't sound like a gringa only when I talk slow. haha I some sad news. Our investigator has been in the hospital for the past 3 weeks with her son that has Cancer and we haven't been able to teach her, but we teach her mother. And we found out that her son  passed away Thursday night. The family was actually praying that he would pass away. The cancer became so bad that he went blind and he wasn't progressing at all. Were going to see her today. I will probably cry a lot.. because this week on Friday is a year from when David committed suicide and one of our new investigators is named and his best friend got shot last week and died. :( He's so excited to hear more about the Plan of Salvation though and I can already tell he will progress really fast. He want's us to teach his family. He's 26 and has three beautiful daughters. 
This week I've ate some pretty awesome things. Elote which is corn on a stick.
I had to ride my bike while eating it and I almost ran into a car.. the people in the car looked at me like I was crazy, probably because I had corn in my teeth and butter dripping down my chin and I was eating corn while riding a bike.. you don't see that very often. The ward had a father's day party on Saturday and we had soup with pigs feat in it, and all honestly it was probably the best tasting soups I have ever had. I didn't know at the time that it was pigs feat though. The lucio's had a big BBQ for us yesterday and cooked  A LOT of meat, and I can't remember the name of all the stuff, but it was AMAZING!! I also had mangados
which is a frozen mango in a cup with a stick in it and the cup is full of chile powder and sauce. It was.. interesting but I thought it was pretty good. Everyone here loves them. My new favorite store in the world is called Fiesta! It's a grocery store, like Walmart, but ten times better!!!! It's literally a party in a store. They have loud latino music playing and flashing lights all over and it's all latino food! And everything is dirt cheap. Ross did LA have Fiesta's? if not they are missing out. I don't think I've ever loved a store so much. This morning we went after the drill and we were looking at the meats they have and they every part of every animal... kind of disgusting, but it sure taste good. Yesterday Hermana Baer and Pimentel had a baptism for Mauro who is the coolest guy on earth. He has been investigator for a year now and has like the whole BOM memorized, and he has the craziest story of how he crossed the border.. haha Those stories are my favorite!! We had one investigator come and all of her family was baptized in January, but she didn't want to, but now she does!! :) Umm what else happened... I am now pure muscle!  I saw a drug exchange go on right in front of my face... I can pop a willy on my bike. So many things happened, but I think I put down a lot of the important things. Sorry if my emails are really scattered and unorganized.. I'm working on it. I love you all!! 
Les Quiero
Hermana Watkins
P.s Baby Lincoln is very handsome. Thank you Jessica for the pictures. 

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