Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This email I'm going to speak a lot about the miracles I have seen this week. And then some really funny stories.. maybe if I have enough time.

Miralce number one. Last Monday we had a feeling we needed to go see one of strong member families in our area. They are a cute young couple that just had their first baby girl. The sister wanted to learn more about angels, because she was confused by one of the scriptures we had shared with her in a previous lesson where it talked about angels. That's what we first started talking about, but the spirit directed me to ask Hermano how everything was going with preparing to go to the temple. He totally shut down and started speaking in really fast Spanish, but the spirit helped me to understand him. Words cant even explain what the mood was like in the house. He told us that he doesn't feel worthy at all to enter the temple and that he will never be good enough. He was completely chained down by Satan and was falling fast! My heart hurt so badly to see one of my brothers in that much pain and sorrow. I shared with him my experience of how hard Satan worked on me before I entered the temple and left on  the mission. Satan doesn't want us to do good. I then told them that it will really help to receive a blessing so he can receive counsel from God and the love God has from him. I then asked him if he would get one and he looked up at me straight in the eyes and said NO!! I can't explain how sad this situation was. I then was prompted to ask again, and we sat in silence and then he said,"your right Hermana I need a blessing, call the Elders up now"!! We then called the Elders and they came over and gave one of the most powerful blessings I have ever heard in my life. God was commanding him to feel of his love and commanding Satan to leave him a lone so that he can feel peace again.
After the blessing was over there was just a lightness in the air. He became a totally different person and just began crying and looked at us and told us he totally forgot what peace felt like. The next morning during companion studies we recieved a text from them saying that they called the temple and they are getting sealed in the temple as a family for time and all eternity this Saturday October 19th. We all just started crying and jumping up and down. Oh man I love the priesthood power and this Gospel soooo much!
We had Elder Golden from the Quorom of the Seventy come and man oh man he is amazing!! He taught us things that I have never even thought of in my life. There is no way I would be able to explain them through email. After listening to him I decided to change a lot of the things that I've been used to doing. He really opened my eyes and help me see things that I need to change. I think I'm still spiritually drained from some of the things he said. The conference was 5 hours long and we had one 15 minute break... WOAH that's a miralce right there, that I was able to focus the whole time.
We had a very spiritual lesson with a part member family and he acepted a baptismal date!!! YAY!!
Another miracle is that I am now driving and we are still alive!!! I didn't think I would be able to remember how to, but I forgot how much I love driving. Here in Houston there are all these weird medians in the middle of the road that I HATE, but I'm learning to love them.
Thurdsday was my 6th month mark!!!! How crazy is that!! Time has really flown by. It was Hermana Carlsons year mark and Hermana Purnells six month too so we all went out to Five Guys for lunch and TCBY (The Countries Best Yogurt) for lunch and dessert. :) Yummy! Then I had a surprise exchange where I got to go back to my old area with Hermana Wilzbach and Lister for the night and it was Francisco's birhday!!!! So we celebrated with Pizza and cake and then he came out and taught two lessons with us. He is the BEST!! We also had an English fast that day... talk about hard!!
Sunday was really good. I had another lady in our ward by me new shoes... haha she made fun of my shoes that have holes in the bottom... haha I like them and I think I will bronze them. :) Hermana Shill and Flores recieved a miralce baptism yesterday and I gave a talk at it about the Holy Ghost. I was super nervous, but God blessed me with the gift of tonuges and it was a very spiritual moment for me.
Hermana Flores is a temple square sister and she is going back to temple square this week and the other temple square sister that is coming in is English speaking so Hermana Shill needs a Spanish speaking companion... so everyone thinks Hermana Carlson is going to her area.... I am super nervous, because I don't believe I'm ready to take over this area and be a trainer... especially with Spanish. I pray to know the vision God has for me so I can be in line with his will.
I love ya'll!!!!!

Hermana Watkins

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