Monday, February 10, 2014


First off I have the worlds best companion!! We love being companions and everything is just comfortable and AWESOME!! I feel like I'm doing missionary work with my best friend. 

This past week we went over to teach that less active family that we found two weeks ago, and the youngest boy accepted a baptismal date when we first started teaching him. Well we have really been praying for all of our investigators that have baptismal dates and then those that we feel are ready to except one. And we had an impression that we should ask Leonel if he would like to be baptized on Sunday, and he ACCEPTED!!! He told us when we extended the date to him the first time he went and prayed about it and he felt super good about decision, and knew that it was right. So yesterday after teaching him all the lessons in one week HE WAS BAPTIZED!!! Such a huge miracle!! And after the baptism he came up to me and told me that he felt GREAT! Oh man this church is so true. If a 13 year old boy who really has never heard about the church before, because his family has been less active his life, decides to be baptized because of a warm feeling he had. THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!! 

At district meeting we were talking about some elders that have been teaching people in the prisons, and I told some of the Hermanas that I really want to teach people in the prison before I go home. Wednesday we had received a  Media referral from Salt Lake . It was in a State prison! he has now been released.

 We ended up reaching almost all of our goals.The guy in our area that is excommunicated got news last week that he can be baptized in 3 weeks and then were hopefully going with the whole family to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. :) 
Emily is on the back row 5th from the end in  gray with a scarf.  You can click on the picture to make it bigger.  This is from the sister conference with guest speaker Sheri Dew.

Guadalupe is  progressing towards baptism and I love going over there. They now feed us twice a week and they are basically like my older brother and sister. I love them soo much!!! 

We got a call from a lady in our mission office saying that there is this guy in our area that has been calling Salt Lake over and over to have us over to his house to teach him. So we got his information and went over and he came up to me and was like, "do you remember me?" He told me I talked to him on the bus one day.... I couldn't remember him for the life of me. But then he started telling me about how he got stabbed and robbed a couple weeks before we talked on the bus and then I remembered him telling me that story, and how is Savior loves him. We ended up teaching him twice this week and Nefi and Guadalupe brought him to church on Sunday and he said he really loved it!! I am so excited to teach him. I really feel like he will be baptized in no time. I will have to tell you about his story of how he was stabbed and it hit his heart and he miraculously lived!! You truly do see blessings when you talk to everyone!! :) I love it!

We ended up having four of our investigators at church yesterday :) and it was beautiful. Francisco was confirmed yesterday and then he spoke at Leonels baptism about Baptism and then we had an investigator devotional last night that Guadalupe went too, and Francisco bore his testimony there.

Well that was another miracle week. I tell you what this work is so awesome. My companion reminded me today that it is my 10 month mark, but I'm sorry family but I'm never coming home... just kidding I'll come home, but I will need to come back here really fast. I love it here!! 

I love you all. Have a wonderful week. 
Les Quiero
Con amor, 
Hermana Watkins

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