Monday, May 12, 2014

21st birthday

 What a happy day it was to see ya'll again. I love it!! Some missionaries find it as a distraction, but I found it to be a big relief and comfort to know that my family is still alive and moving :)

I am going to try and share things that I didn't already share with ya'll yesterday, but my memory doesn't really work on the mission so bare with me. We are still working with our investigators. We wanted to go over the Restoration with her again, because she has forgotten all of it. The beginning of the lessons things started off a little shaky, because of some distractions. Tami is also a very.... talkative person and loves to share some story to go along with every question we ask her. Come towards the end I was getting a little frustrated because I hadn't felt the sweet spirit yet and I knew she hadn't as well. I boldly but lovingly told called her by her name and told her to listen very carefully to the next couple words I have to say and focus on how she feels. Instantly she was staring right at me. I shared my testimony of the Restoration and how much I know it will bless her as a daughter of God. The spirit then touched all of us very strongly to testify of the truthfulness of the words we had just spoken. She is so excited to be baptized and can't wait to go to the temple.

 I just received news like 2 minutes ago from  Hermana Jaeger that our two recent converts Joel and Leonel ( and his family) all went to the temple last Saturday and did the work for their ancestors. I know that is why we need our brothers and sisters to be baptized. I couldn't be any happier than I am now, knowing that they were finally able to make it to the Lords house. :) :) :) :)

This past week was my 21st birthday...My birthday was a normal day of missionary work with lessons falling through and people yelling at you, but we ended the day sing happy birthday in Spanish and English with some yummy chocolate cake balls and a banana to support all the candles.

I love being able to serve, and the counsel that King Benjamin gives his people in Mosiah 2:17 makes it even more desirable to me. Here in  Sunnyside we have a really good relationship with the Police officers. Wednesday we helped them to feed the elderly. When we were all done preparing the food we went in to mingle and greet them. One of the officers stood up and wished everyone a happy mothers day and invited anyone to get up and talk about this sweet day that we have to celebrate our mothers. After 5 sisters stood up I felt prompted to share with them how special each of them our and how grateful we are, the younger generations, for them and their examples. I also felt the need to share that they are all special daughters of our Heavenly Father. I fought the feeling for away, but then became overwhelmed. Oh it felt so good to share that love that God has!!!! Do it sometime it will make you feel awesome!! I love seeing how powerful a few simple words are and how they can make a whole room of older southern women cry. :)

We were very blessed to have an amazing Zone Conference this week, and the many counsels that President and his wife gave us. We have always been asked to talk to everyone we see on the streets, but now we are asked to not only share the restoration with them in the OYM, but to extend a baptismal date. We also have been working on a new lesson by using the My Family books to bring in the importance of temple work. I love this topic so much and I can't wait to share it with others so they can feel the spirit of Elijah work with in them.

One last thing this week we received 3 new baptismal dates. Two of those are these two sisters, one is 20 the other 18. When we taught them the Restoration they just soaked it all in and are so excited to be baptized. We have 3 lessons planned with them this week, and they are inviting all their family to listen in as well. :)

I know that this work is the Lords work and that without Him in our lives we are unable to do anything. This is the true church of Jesus Christ, and has the correct priesthood authority that our dear Prophet holds all the keys to. I love the gospel!!!!!

Love you all with all my heart!

Hermana Watkins... Sister Watkins

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