Monday, May 5, 2014


Oh how I love the grace that my Heavenly Father has blessed me and my companion with, and the protection.... haha. Honestly we have seen so many miracles happen with our area. It was so dead before and now people are popping out of know where. I know without a doubt that I was sent here for a reason; I love it so much! The work is a whole new ball game and the people are totally different, but life is good!!

This past week we had some pretty crazy things happen- good and bad. I'm not sure if you want to hear about the bad stuff, but I feel like it will help you better understand my area and how different the world is outside the bubble of Utah.

Something that I found out this week is that English missionaries really don't know what OYMing is ( Opening your mouth) and talking to everyone. We didn't have a whole lot of people to teach so I took my companion out and we went and talked to everyone that we saw on the streets and sometimes we would meet the coolest people and be able to set up appointments with them.. or they would give us referrals of people they think would be good that we visit, or we would get people screaming and yelling in or faces saying that we have been brained washed and that we have know idea what the truth is. Remember in Conference when they talked about that the persecutions are coming? Well I never experienced that in Spanish, but I have come to find out that they really do exist, and there not very fun. But my testimony is rock solid  and I LOVE preaching the truth. It's sad when my brothers and sisters don't want to hear the truth, but hopefully one day they will. Hermana Johnson gave us a couple referrals to go try. One of them we ended up calling the police and a whole lot of crazy things happened there. At least the police really like us :)

One of our investigators is working really hard at living the Word of Wisdom and we went by this week and she told us she is now down to one pack of cigarettes a day instead of like 5 :) Super good news!!

The other night we had a scary experience where the people who live in the town home right next to us woke us up at midnight screaming and yelling at each other while saying every swear word that exists. Their baby ended up screaming as well and glass was shattering and lots of sad things happened the night and we ended up getting the police involved with that as well. :(

Good news is that our Zone used to be one of the lowest teaching, finding, zones in the whole mission and after this past week we are now number 2 :) Thanks to Heavenly Father and the help that he has given us.

One last thing. Our investigator  came to church for the first time yesterday and she ended up going up and sharing her testimony during testimony meeting and she started crying and sharing how much she feels the spirit and that she knows this church is true. She told us that it was kind of boring and not up beat like her Baptist church, but she told us she wants to be baptized and enter the temple and become a primary teacher :) YAY!!! Oh and she paid her tithing :)

Okay I lied one last thing. Last night we taught our investigator who used to be a Baptist preacher and we had such a spiritual lesson last night and lets just say that the Spirit is a bomb teacher and I love it soooooo much!!

I wanted to share a study that I did this morning, but I don't have time so just look up these scriptures and tell me what you think they mean, and why I am studying them. Alma 38:5, Alma 36:3 Alma 34:40-41, Alma 28:13-14, Alma 26:28,30; Alma 20:29, Alma 17:11, and D&C 121:7-8.

I love you all and can't wait to see you on mothers day!!! :)

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Watkins

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