Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Flooding and Tornado Warning

We had a huge rainstorm that turned into flooding and then had a tornado warning.  But all is ok, everything is wet!

Something that recently my President has helped me learn is what Moroni counsels that 'Charity Never Faileth'. President Ashton shared with me that if I was a missionary that baptized a 1000 people on my mission, but didn't have charity I would have completely failed my mission. But if I was a missionary that didn't baptize my whole mission or didn't learn Spanish perfectly or to wasn't in a leadership position, but I had Charity, I would not Fail!
I think failure is something that everyone is scared of and doesn't want to happen, whether it's with a mission, being a parent, child, student, teacher, with work, or our callings. The world may say we fail, but if we follow the counsel of Moroni in Moroni 7:45-47 WE CANNOT FAIL!! I love this and it makes me even more excited to just LOVE and to share that love with everyone so they wont fail either.
The past week has been... one of those weeks. We had some pretty exciting things happen, but it was a very slow week. We were on bike everyday, but at night we had to get in the car because our area is way to dangerous during night time.... and in the day. We were going to visit one of our members the other day and we turned down her street to see about 40 people gathered on the road and they were all yelling and we both got a horrible feeling and we turned around right before this huge fight started... but don't worry this is what the scriptures warn us of. The wars are happening and the persecutions are there.
With being on bikes I have received a beautiful tan.. after being burned twice. I also am super surprised I still have my legs after having bull dogs, and other types of dogs chasing me, only me, not my companion, down the road. haha oh bikes! I believed we talked to over 100 or 200 people by riding around and talking to people. We received a lot of referrals for the Elders and the Hermana's serving in surrounding areas.
On Saturday we got to be part of a very historical time in Macgregor Park. They had a revealing of a Martin Luther King statue and they had a huge march/ parade for 2 hours and then they had 3 hours of speakers, singers, and Martin Luther King III came and spoke. There was people all of the United States there. I also met some people from France and other places in Europe that came over. I loved talking to people and getting to know them. Again we gave the elders a lot of referrals, some really legit people. A couple people new of the genealogy work that we do in the church, which brought up a wonderful conversation about temple work. One of them is a librarian that lives in France and the other two are from New York. :) I love this work. I get to meet people from all over.
Like I said the work has been super slow. We are in the process of finding and it's been very difficult because every legit person ends up living in the Elders areas. We met two people the other week that ended up coming to church, but guess who's area they're in... haha oh well at least the work is getting down somewhere.
Mom I already emailed you about this, but if you or someone in the family can send me a family name to do in the temple that would be awesome. President Ashton has asked that we do all the work for one of our ancestors before we go home...so I need to get started. :) More trips to the temple for me :)
Some sad news I just got is that my "Grandma" Hna Potter from Houston 1 just got diagnosed with Stomach cancer and was told she probably wont live a whole lot longer.. . :( Hopefully I can go see her soon.
I love you all. Remember if you don't want to fail, just have Charity! :)
Les quiero,
Hermana Watkins

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