Monday, August 11, 2014

Howdy Y'all!!!
I love being a missionary. It's amazing the power the gospel truths have and the change they can bring into the lives of others. The past week was full of miracles from God. We have been sacrificing even the little things to give all to God so he can bless the people in our area progress and receive the blessings of the gospel. 

Like I mentioned last week we had the opportunity to go to the temple!! Sister Shumway a young nursing student took us. We ended up getting there a little bit earlier then expected so we got to do intiatories and then an endownment session. I LOVED it! I actually received a lot counsel from my Heavenly Father that was very much needed. I can't wait to come home and go to the temple at least once a week ;) And I am going to take all of you with me, because I know of the amazing blessings that it brings and I want those blessings for everyone! 

This past week we had some amazing lessons filled with the power of the Holy Ghost. We taught a lot of Restoration lessons this week and every time after sharing Joseph Smiths experience every single investigator was filled with peace and happiness. Two of them actually started to cry and were so happy. One of these investigators was actually out washing his car when we pulled up. We started to take off our bikes and get all ready to go riding around the neighborhood. Right before we left I went on over and introduced myself and my companion. The words that we spoke to that young man were words I haven't never heard come from my mouth or my companions mouth before. It was an amazing feeling having the Lord speak through us to this young man that he loves dearly. After introduction he accepted to have us teach him about the Restoration. The lesson was amazing and very powerful. Everything the spirit directed us to say helped him open up even more to us and answered a lot of the questions he had, that we didn't know he had. He accepted a date and is really excited to learn more. Sadly he works on Sundays.... but hopefully he will have the faith to change that. 

Another miracle goes by the name Dennis. I actually met him while on exchanges with Sister Newman. He was sitting up in his garage and we decided to go up and talk to him, he accepted for us to come back and teach him more. This past week we taught him the first two lessons. The spirit was also very overwhelming, especially the Restoration. It was so powerful that the nurse that takes care of his cousin said she could feel something different when we were there. :) She asked if she could get a Book of Mormon as well and learn for herself. She doesn't know if she wants us to come over yet, but did feel the spirit. Dennis said he already knows it's true and can't wait to be baptized. 

Betha is from Africa. I believe I talked about her last time. We were only able to give her a Book of Mormon this week and share a little about it, but she loves us coming over. She is so excited to read it and pray to know of the truthfulness. I love her so much. Every time I go over I just give her the biggest hug. I feel like I've known her for years. :) 

The beginning of the week we were out on bikes a lot. We talked to this couple that was sitting outside on Thursday and they invited us to come by the next day. They ended up cancelling on us, but rescheduled for the next day. We also taught them the Restoration and experienced another very powerful lesson. He is Jehovah Witness and she is Baptist, but they both feel like there is more out there. They too accepted to be baptized and were very emotional to know that their Heavenly Father has not forgotten about them. 
Emily and her companion

Last but not least- we were working in the south part of the area, but felt very strongly that we needed to go visit one of our members in the north. We took some back roads to get to her house and guess who we ran into???????????? CRAIG!!!!!! We found him!!! He was so excited to see us. Remember a couple weeks ago he went missing? Well he got into a fight and was taken to jail.... but he feels Godly sorrow and has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying and fasting to run into us again. He is now preparing for baptism and has also set a date to go to the temple. He has completely stopped smoking and loves the feelings living the Word of Wisdom has brought. He got lost coming to church yesterday and called us almost in tears. We then remembered there was a devotional that night in Friendswood. We called all the members and know one could give us all a ride.... so we prayed fervently all day long and went to work. 5 minutes before it was to late to head to the devotional one of our less active members called and said she would be willing to take us all!!!! MIRACLE!!! Craig had an amazing experience and is so excited to be a member, and most importantly a missionary. He has already given out pass along cards to his friends, and his mom wants to listen to us and is planning on coming to church with Craig next week. :) :) :) Oh happy day!! I love being a missionary. 

If you couldn't tell the Lord really blessed us this week!! I know that blessings come from sacrifice and love! I also know the power of prayer :) 

I love you all!! Have a wonderful week! 

Hermana Watkins

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