Monday, August 25, 2014

42 Baptisms!

This week was probably the slowest week of this transfer, but was filled with blessings and an amazing miracle. Yesterday Craig came to church!!!! YAY, happy day!! He will be getting baptized this Sunday and we are so excited for him. I'm going to share a couple stories about him this week. His son was killed while being chased by cops this passed week. Craig lost contact with his son for awhile, but got the news that he's been living out in the streets and got into some trouble with the cops, and ended up getting killed. Craig being the positive person told us that it's really hard to hear, but he is so happy that he has the knowledge of God's plan and trusts that his son is in a better place. He is also really excited to do his sons work in the temple in a year. We will probably be going with Craig to the funeral this week to give him some support. Another story is his ex-girlfriend came over to see how Craig was doing after she heard bout his son. I guess she is really pretty and still has a thing for Craig and she asked if they could get back together. Craig then told her that he has changed his Religion and in his new religion he has chosen to abide by the law of Chastity. He then taught her what it is and how the only way he would get with her is if they got married, and that was not going to happen.When he showed up to church he was in this sweet old pin stripe suit and looked very nice. He started to cry in Sacrament and told us that he was never felt so happy in his life. He also got to stay and watch 6 people be baptized. This past week the mission baptized 42!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The most the mission has ever had in history. It's because God really blessed the 40 missionaries that are going home this week. 

Yesterday at church we got a new Branch Presidency. I am really excited to work with the new Presidency and there takes on missionary work. Brother Holt is the first counselor and is an amazing member and missionary. 

We were blessed to do a lot of service this week. We helped the Houston Police with a luncheon they were giving for one of the cops that is retiring. There was so much food! They filled our plates full of BBQ and one of the City counselors Dwight Boykins wants us missionaries to come and get specially awarded for all the service that we give the community! That's a great in for the church. He is a super tall and awesome guy, I will send pictures of him. We also got to wash some of our members cars :) We had to wake up super early so we wouldn't be dying in the heat. And this week one of our members is allowing me to cut their lawn!!! Happy Day! I love yard work. :) 
                                                        Serving food at a police retirement party
 City Council Member

We had our last district meeting with Elder Evertsen. It's hard seeing all these amazing missionaries go home. Elder and Sister Hansen cooked a yummy breakfast for us today before we said goodbyes. Everyone keeps reminding me that this will be me in 6 weeks. I still don't believe them. 

We had a huge miracle with getting a lesson in with our Less active Heather and her son Seth. They are from the Caribbeans and are awesome. She really wants her three sons to be baptized and learn more about God. This Friday we will be teaching hopefully all of them and extending dates. :) She also took us to Olive Garden for lunch and we had a really good time talking about the Gospel, and we got to bless our waitress day by giving her a pass along card. That is another story that I will have to wait to tell you when I get home. :) 
 As you know this week is transfers, and no I will not be leaving. :) I am officially dying in Sunnyside. :) I am so excited for these next couple weeks. I can feel it in my bones the blessings that God has in store for our area. I am so excited to go out and work like crazy! 

I love you all. Have a wonderful week!!! 

Hermana Watkins

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