Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More miracles

This past week has been a pretty good week. We received blessings and miracles that we didn't even ask for. The mission finished the month off with 93 baptisms!! That is a HUGE miracle and a record for the mission. I love hearing all the miracles that are happening and the faith everyone is putting forth. I know that our Heavenly Father is truly hastening the work.

We are still doing a lot of family history with Larry. We ended up teaching him the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation and he really enjoyed both of them, but he still doesn't understand why he would need to change his religion when a lot of our beliefs are the same, but we'll keep working with him. We also have a new  investigator named Bertha. She is really interested in family history as well. She has binders full of families names and I am super stoked to start putting them online and helping her and her family understand the importance of temple work.

Two Hermanas I have not seen in a long time.  It was a tender mercy to catch up with both of them this week!

We are still in the process of finding more people. We decided to try out the bus system, and at first I was a little scared, because it is so different from the north Houston bus system. God really blessed us and protected us by putting people on the bus that were more than willing to help us. A huge miracle happened while on the bus. Do y'all remember Patrisha, well we ran into her on the bus!!!!!!! She is doing super. She is still reading in the Book of Mormon with her daughters. She is still currently outside our boundaries, but we got her information so we can send other missionaries over :) happy day!

We have a new family that we are teaching. Olivia is the little girls name, and she is 9. And were teaching her dad Willy too. Her mother was murdered 3 months ago and they are both in desperate need of help. Olivia has some learning disabilities and it's been a little struggle for us to figure out how we are going to teach her so she can understand more clearly. I love her so much!! I am really excited to teach her more and really feel the love that her Heavenly Father has for her and her family.
This is a copy cat of a picture Ross took on his mission.  Emily's planners vs her companions planners.

We had another miracle of finally meeting one of our less actives. She is super sweet and little. She is going through a lot right now with her husband being on Dialysis and her house is literally falling off the foundation. We are going to help her pack up her house and move her to her daughters place.

Yesterday Craig was to be baptized. We had some really awesome lessons with him this past week. He got to know a lot of the members and he told all of them that he was preparing to got to the temple. Well, sadly he gave into a temptation that kept him from taking the that step into the font, but hopefully this Sunday he will be ready and stronger than Satan's temptations.

The missionaries are now allowed to have 2 hours a day to help members do family history work, and their own if they want. Yesterday I helped one of our members Raven find 4 people on her family history. I was SUPER excited. Our stake has set a goal to have 10,000 ordinances done in the temple this next coming year. WOW!!! I think that is awesome :)

Everything is going well in the mission. I love it!! Sister Elliott is currently sick and we are going to have her checked out by the doctor today. She is having severe pains in her liver and head. Hopefully all will be well and we'll be able to go out and work like crazy!!
Love you,

Hermana Watkins

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