Monday, September 22, 2014


 I am only going to write like a paragraph. Today we are going to NASA!!!! Wha whoooooooo :) The car elders in my district got in a bad accident and lost their car privileges... so we got the rest of their miles for the month, so we have a lot of miles that we're not going to use this month and we decided to use them wisely and go to NASA!!! 
August 2014 pictures.  Emily is on the second row to the right wearing a blue dress and white cardigan
This week was WET! It rained almost everyday all day, and we had a couple times where we had to stay in a couple hours because the roads were flooded, but all in all it was a very successful week. We received quite a bit of news and we are really excited to go back and to teach them more. We are still working a lot with the members and having a lot of service opportunities.  I also got to go back to my old church building while my companion was meeting with a doctor. It was amazing how so many memories just flooded my mind when I pulled into the parking lot. Yesterday and saturday we had stake conference, more like, General conference. It was amazing!!! I really felt like I was listening to the prophet and apostles speak. I will have to share with you some other time all the amazing things I learned. 

Well I hate to do this, but this is all I will be sending home this week.Just know I love you very much, and I loved hearing from all of you today. Have a wonderful week!!


Hermana Watkins

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