Monday, September 15, 2014

Charity For All

"Because I have been given much I too must give" - Jacob 2:17. This was the quote and scripture we put on the back of the Pay It Forward cards we gave to all of our members with a plate of cookies. Right now our main focus is Charity. We have committed to love everyone, and to help others spread that love. Last Tuesday Sister Elliott and I made over 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies and put them on individual plates for the member families in our area. We had a short lesson with each of them about how amazing missionary work is and how awesome you feel when you do it. We shared Jacob 2:17 with them and we all discussed the many blessings or 'substances' that we have been given, by being members of the restored gospel. The list goes on and on with all the amazing blessings we truly have been given. The spirit was so strong in all the lessons and my heart grew fuller and fuller of love, especially to share these blessings with those around me. That is exactly what we invited/ challenged our members to do. We invited them to pay it forward to their neighbors, someone at school, or some stranger on the road; either with a plate of goodies, card, or even helping someone with their yard work, and the key part was that they had to explain that because they have been given much from their Savior, and the restored gospel, that they wanted to share that with them. We gave all of them a week before we follow up with them, and so far one of or members did it the next day and they texted us and told us it was amazing experience! And now they have new friends because of it. What goes around comes around. :) All of the lessons were amazing, and it was fun listening to the members discuss how they were going to do it, and who they were going to do it for. We were also blessed with a lot of the members making us yummy meals :) One of them Brother Holt made us some smokes ribs, potatoes, and salad :) It was SOO good!! 

This weekend was Sister Holts baby shower, and Sister Sampert called us over to help her make cupcakes for the shower. We made 24 tres leche cupcakes... YUMMY, and 24 lava cupcakes for her sons birthday party the next day. We had a lot of fun spending time with the members this week and creating fun memories, and stronger relationships. Her son turned 8 on Friday, and we have been preparing a lesson for her to prepare for his baptism in a couple weeks. They invited us to come over Sunday night to give the lesson. We taught him about Mosiah 18 and the covenant we make with our Heavenly Father when we are baptized. We got a cardboard box and cut out a hole, and we made little characters on popsicle sticks and we created a little puppet show like thing to tell the story. After telling it we then had the boys act it out, and they definitely acted it out better than we did. haha I love kids!!! 

That is basically what happened this week. I'm excited for this week. It's always something new here in Sunnyside Texas. But I'm so grateful for the lessons that I have learned here. 

I love you all!!!!
Con amor, 

Hermana Watkins  

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