Monday, September 8, 2014

Mosquitos and service

Well this past week was....  one of the hardest weeks of my mission, but I learned so much!!! Last Tuesday after I emailed home I took my companion to the doctor. After the doctor examined her, they took some blood tests and then sent her to get a Cat scan STAT! The doctor was super worried about her liver and wanted it to get checked out. After waiting 7 hours at the hospital we were finally able to leave. Sister Elliott and I had some really good gospel conversations and talked a lot about our area. I also got to talk to a lady from Persia. Her auntie was getting a ultra sound and only speaks persian, so she was there to help translate. I started talking to her about the gospel and turns out she is meeting with the missionaries and loves learning about our church. I love when people say that. 

The next day we had zone meeting and I'm pretty sure the zone leaders training's were both for me and my companion. The spirit taught me so many things I needed to know and some other things the spirit has slowly been teaching me throughout my mission.  President has asked us to really stop thinking about the numbers and go out and serve everyone. He said that all our area needs is Charity right now. That was a HUGE lesson that I feel like God has really been teaching me throughout the mission. Charity never faileth, even if you teach no one the whole week and baptize no one the whole mission, you can not fail if you go out and LOVE. And that's what my area needs, more love! 

 We're only able to teach one investigator all week, and had a couple lessons with some less actives and active members. We went out and tried our very hardest to love everyone that we met, and we're wanting to teach. Sadly the rain kept us from finding more people. We had a couple instances were we had to pull off the side of the road until the water went down. Also, people kept telling us to go home and dry off, and come back another day when we're not wet.. haha. We also have killer mosquito's they're EVERYWHERE!! My poor companion looks like she has chicken pox on her legs. 
mosquito bites!

I mentioned last week that in our Stake our mission President has allowed the missionaries to do Family History with the members for two hours, he also announced that we are allowed to take 2 hours out of the week to do out own personal Family History. Friday as a district we went to the Clayton Genealogy Library and had a specialist teach us all about the family search web site the church has. This library is the 6th largest genealogy libraries in America. I was so fascinated with the work. The lady told me I should really look into being a genealogist.. Maybe. I also found a lot of family members that need their work done. I am so excited to come home and go to the temple with y'all and do this work!!!!!!! 

Saturday we helped the Houston Police with a health fair they were putting on. The elders got to dress up in 911 costumes and walk around talking to people. We of course were put in the kitchen to help with the food. They had a DJ there that would always talk about Sister Watkins and her cooking... haha I wish you could here how the blacks say Watkins :) It makes me and my companions day. haha 

We had 3 part member families move into our area this weekend, and we are so excited to meet all of them. We met one last night. His name is Antonio, but he goes my butters haha he is 20 and is a super cool kid. I'm excited for what this week brings and can't wait to go out and have charity for everyone!! 
Love you all, 

Hermana Watkins

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