Monday, August 4, 2014


After talking and praying with President, Zone/district leaders, and discussing with my companion we have decided to sacrifice the North part of our area. The north part consist of about 70% of the people, and all the former investigators in our area. We feel very strongly about this decision and that it is what our Heavenly Father wants us to do. It's a huge decision and it is really hard, because we had to drop all the people we were teaching and go to a part of the area that missionaries have never taught anyone. But I do know that it is filled with a lot of prepared people. Since we don't have formers or really any less actives that live down there we are riding around on or bikes and walking the streets and doing street contacting- one of the hardest ways of doing missionary work... but we have already seen the fruits of our labors.
One of the hardest things about this sacrifice is no one is outside during the day. The south part consists of nice homes, families, and people that can support themselves -perfect for the branch. God really has blessed us though. We run into members all the time- BYU students selling security and pesticides. They actually all know and work with Collin Boren (a friend and member of our ward in Dry Fork).  They are all super awesome and give us referrals of people they give pass along cards to or that they think would be a perfect Mormon :)
Since we are sacrificing the North part of the area we gave the Elders all of our progressing investigators and baptismal dates, one of those being Ruben. He was really sad to hear that we will no longer be teaching him, but hopefully he will keep progressing.
We have a super legit investigator named Brandon. He met with missionaries before and lost contact with them. He is progressing really fast and is excited to get baptized. We just need to teach the rest of his family now.
I went on exchanges this week and Sister Newman came with me and she is AWESOME!! She is friends with Sam and loves Marty and Christy. Small world! We had a long but awesome day of walking around the neighborhoods. We ended up talking to a lady from Africa and she loved the message of the restoration and is excited to have us come over and teach it to her family. We met a guy from Trinidad, Turkey (who is muslim but is really interested in Christianity), Mexico, and some small country that I have never heard of before. We talked to over 30 people and set up a lot of lessons :)
One thing I learned this week is the importance of sacrifice in our lives. Not only are we asked to fast once a month, but it's a weekly thing. We need to strive to fast from something each week. This doesn't mean food, but the things of the world, annoying habit you want to break, thoughts, a certain food you eat. As we do this I know we will become more firm in our faith in Christ, our souls will become more purified and sanctified, where it will come to the point that we will totally yield our hearts up to God. Helaman 3:35.
I love you all so dearly, have a wonderful week!!!
Hermana Watkins

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