Monday, August 19, 2013


Cinthia is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It finally happened, Cinthia was baptized on Saturday and it was a beautiful baptism.

Saturday started out super good. We went and tried some of our referrals at Cancun and we have a new investigator named Juana. She's a mother of three kids and is originally from Mexico. Juana was really excited to have us teach her and we shared the Restoration and the spirit was beautiful. She was smiling from ear to ear the whole lesson. She didn't except a baptismal date, but really wants to learn more and she said she cool feel the spirit really strong and would like to get baptized once she receives a answer. I can't wait to go back and teach her this week. After trying the referrals we went over to Alex and Carla's to teach them and we received news from her mom that their baby is really sick in the hospital and they don't know if he will live. Which is really really sad, their first baby was a still born and this second one Mateo was a premi :( I pray all goes well. We then went to the Jimenez to see how Cinthia is doing and doing last minute things before the baptism. After getting ready we walked over to our rides house and she had totally forgot she was taking us.... so we ended up being late for the baptism.... I was soooooooo stressed. All in all the baptism went really well. Hermana Wilzbach and I sang a duet and the talks were really good too. Cinthia said she felt so clean and could feel the spirit really strong! She then received the Holy Ghost yesterday in sacrament.

We had a couple really good lessons with Francisco. He lives in the same apartment complex as us, so we go and see him a lot. He's a really awesome guy and guess what????? He's getting baptized this week... well hopefully.... he has to get an interview from President. Were really praying that all goes well. He's honestly the perfect investigator. We have seen the preparation that God has done for him and for us to teach him. 6 months ago he was a big time drunk. He told us there is no way he would of talked to us then. Like I said last week he went to church and this week we were praying with him that his boss would allow him to take off Sundays so he could to go to church and Wednesday we asked him how it went, and he received a miracle. He asked his boss and his boss was like of course, no problem. YAY!!! Miracle! He is so excited to get baptized and is basically already a member.We asked him if he knows this church is true, and he said," Without a doubt, I can't deny the things the Holy Ghost hast told me."He loves answering the questions in Sunday School and talking with all the members. He's also really excited to get a calling. I would say after two hard months of working and being sick, meeting someone like Francisco makes it all worth it.

My Spanish is coming a long really well. I'm thinking about doing a English fast next week.... that means I can't speak English for a whole week!!! Wish me luck!

We were one away from reaching Standards of Excellence. Friday we had a horrible rain storm come and the AP's told us that we had to go into our apartments. So we were unable to get in some of our lessons, but if and when Francisco gets baptized this week we'll beable to reach them this week!!!

What else happened this week???? Well transfers came and gone. I love my mission, and  I love the plan God has for me and I know without a doubt that this church is true. I love you all!! I want to say Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister Alesha and Grandma Merrell!!! Both of your birthdays were last week.

Les Quiero
Hermana Watkins

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