Monday, August 12, 2013

So this morning we received the call about who's all getting transferred and who's training, and I am not getting transferred. Hermana Wilzbach and I will be together for at least one more transfer!!! :) YAY! Were both really happy about it because we first started in this dead area with zero baptismal dates, and now... drum roll please...... we have 14!!!!!!! Whawhooo.... Hopefully we can get them all baptized within this next transfer.
Sad news we didn't have a baptism this week....... here's the thing, our investigator Cynthia was excited and received her interview on Tuesday and passed, and then Friday night we get a text from the Bishopric saying that they need to cancel because none of them can make it........... WHAT!!!! Who cancels a baptism??? Our whole district was furious! Nevertheless, she's supposed to get baptized this Saturday :) We would have hit Standards of Excellence but we didn't have a baptism, so we are going to this week :)
I received all the letters from the family reunion last week after email and I was the happiest person on Earth!! I LOVED it soooo much! Thank you :) I also received the Merrell Connection from Grandma and Grandpa. I love receiving that and hearing how the family is doing, and seeing pictures of everyone. Thank you, thank you!
Hermanas Shill, Baer,Watkins and Wiltzbach

This week was a very busy, but fun week! We received a couple news and three baptismal dates. It's always wonderful to see the spirit work within the first lesson and have them already except a date. I love it! That's one thing that keeps me going for sure! The worst is when you've been teaching someone for months and they still won't except a date but know that this is the true church.... one day :)
I'm not dreaming in Spanish!  The problem is that eveyone else in my dream is speaking Spanish and I can understand, but I can't talk back to them..... One of the dreams was I came home and I was at my homecoming and all the aunts and uncles decided they were going to learn Spanish so they could talk to me, and Aunt Veronica had like a big time Southern accent and was speaking spanish. It was AWESOME!! Haha Ya'll should really do that :)

Wednesday was a really busy day we had tons of lessons and that night we did a service project with three member families for another member family in our ward. Their backyard is/ was covered with a lot of garbage and wood and we had to clean it all up and throw it in this HUGE dumpster. It was a lot of fun being in normal clothes again and getting dirty :) I like it a lot! Except all the nasty cockroaches EVERYWHERE!! They were huge! GROSS!
Ummmm... what else happened this week......... oh yeah we had a slap down with the Molina Lopez family on Thursday about how they're not keeping the comittments we give them, and we will drop them if they don't. Only Edi and his nephew Bryan were home so we sat outside and had the lesson, and then this drunk guy comes up and is talking to Edi is Spanish about how he really wants an American girl and he was talking really nasty about us... information that doesn't needed to be said again, but we then looked over at him and said,"We speak Spanish,"! hahaha I'm so done with being disrespected here!!! I am a daughter of God!!! Not a piece of meat!!! During our lesson Edi asked us if we had boyfriends and I said no and Hermana Wilzbach started talking about her boyfriend. And then Edi proposed to me........ that lesson then ended very quickly. But Sunday came and EDI, ERIKA, BRYAN, alll came to church!YAY! And they really liked it! Also, Fransico, Cynthia, and Antonio came to church too! So many miracles! LOVE IT! Fransico is getting baptized in two weeks. He's 45 and is truly converted!! I love him so much!!! God has truly prepared him for us. He believes everything we say and has a testimony of them. :) 

Last night we had an investigator/ less active devotional at the Bissonnett church and I got to see my best friend Hermana Johnson :) I love her!! We got pictures to prove it too! 
Hermana Johnson from Vernal with Emily

Jesse and Jon both came to the devotional and Jon said a lot of his questions were answered :) We then had a sad night saying goodbye to Elder Watts.
Shooting Elder Watts
Our district is going to be weird without him, but I'm excited for change. Hermana Ricks, and Christenson are being transferred and Elders Whicker and Stansward.
Well I believe that is all I have to say this week. I love you all!!!! Have a wonderful week!!! 
Les Quiero
Hermana Watkins

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