Tuesday, August 6, 2013


 I am learning more and more and more and more from the scriptures EVERYDAY!! I love them! Like Nephi, I know that God will provide a way for the things that he has commanded us to do. Some days it's really hard to see this when I am so exhausted, dying of heat with sweat dripping down my body, no one answering the doors, and yet we do the things were supposed to, and then BAM!!!!! We have six new investigators :) All we have to do is endure through those tough times, and we will see His hand in EVERYTHING!
This week was yet another AMAZING week. Heavenly Father is truly blessing us for all the times we had to stay in and be sick. We had 30 lessons again this week and reached all standards of excellence except having a baptism. This week we have Cynthia getting baptized on Saturday!!!!!! So we want to work super duper hard to reach all standards. 
The week started out kind of rough for Hermana Wilzbach. She received not one, but two flat tires all within 24 hours. We luckily had a leftover patch in our apartment from the Elders and patched it up and went out to work, but the second time we had nothing. All day Wednesday we walked. :) I actually really liked it. It was blazing hot, but I got to get a better look at our area and how ghetto it really is. We also met a lot of interesting people.... haha Our zone leaders doubted us and told us that we probably wouldn't get a lot of lessons in, because we were walking but we had 5 lessons :) Thursday Hermana Baer and Shill had Pday so they could go to the temple so they bought Hermana Wilzbach a new tire. We weren't having and success with lessons in the beginning of the day, so we decided to OYM everyone. We had a goal this week to get 4 new investigators, and the only way we were getting them was by OYMING. First couple doors weren't a success, but we then met Anjelica and her 3 kids. She's catholic and is excited for us to come back again. She gave us 2 referrals too. :) We then went to Cancun and met with one of our former investigators brothers. His name is Saul and he's 19 and he leaves in three weeks for school. He is also really good at soccer. We taught him the Restoration and excepted a baptismal date in 3 weeks right before he leaves!!!! He's really excited and is already SOLID! We then OYM around Cancun and taught Isabel and her family, and they are super excited for us to come back too. We then walked over to the Spanish Walmart.... or our bathroom when were down town and this guy started yelling at us saying, "Why don't you ever teach me about your church and God"!! We were really scared for our lives, but then we talked to him and turns out he's seen us around a lot and prayed that morning that he could run in to us so he could hear our message. He's been looking for a church to go to and always had a feeling that he needed to talk to us. :) :) His name is Alfredo and is having a lot of hard things happening in his life right now, but we shared a message with him and he's really excited to read the Book of Mormon and find out if it's true. :) :) I love God's plan for us. If we weren't doing what we needed to be doing we wouldn't of been blessed with 6 new investigators, and solid ones!!! 
This week we went to a papusa buffet that was only five dollars. We also had  two meals a day from members. :) Hermana Sproule made us choclate Flan and I got the recipe!!!! It is seriously Heaven on Earth!!! 
My talk in District meeting went really well. Everyone said my grammar was perfect and my Spanish is improving. YAY!! Herman Moreno is a member of our ward and comes with us to lessons all the time and is now preparing to go to the temple!!! Cynthia is getting baptized this Saturday and I am STOKED!!!!!!! I'm really excited for her and she is one of the investigators that Hermana and I found on our own. :) We found out that she is for sure baptized and she didn't think someone that was pregnant could be baptized, and that is why she kept pushing it off. Ahhhhhhh I'm so excited!! I love her!! 
A lot happened this week, but I'm pretty sure I covered all the things I wanted to. Oh we went to one of the referrals we got from Hermana Sproule and the guy opened the door completely naked!!! What, who does that??? Luckily I didn't see him, but poor Hermana Wilzbach saw it all...... We hope he was drunk and that he won't remember us. He's around our age and lives in the same complex as us. 
Oh man I love my mission!!! Elder Watts goes home next week and he's not trunky at all. That's how I am going to be. I'm excited to see ya'll again, but I can't imagine leaving my mission. :( It breaks my heart to think about. Transfers are next week, and Hermana and I really hope we stay one more transfer together, because we are having so much progression right now. Miracles after miracles. Milagros despues milagros... haha 
Les Quiero
Hermana  Watkins
P.s Ross I don't have enough time to email you this week, but do you know the Hymn Si la Via Espenosa??? We call it the Nacho Libre song, because it honestly sounds like one. The Hispanics don't care what they sound like, but they sing with all their heart! ha I love it. But you should listen to this hand just imagine Nacho singing it :)

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