Monday, April 21, 2014


It came... we received the call this morning at 7:40 that I will be transferred. :( Wednesday will be the first day I will ever have left the zone. It's going to feel like a whole new mission. Especially if I go country. There's a lot of changes in our zone. We have one person from each companionship leaving. But I received an email from President Ashton today of him thanking me for the work I have done in Houston 1 and that now God wants me somewhere else. I'm guessing I will probably die in my next area, because I only have 3 more transfers left after this next one :( Hermana Jaeger and I are really sad to leave each other. We also text all of our investigators and members today telling them that I am leaving and we now have  20 lessons planned for the next 2 days. 

The week was slower work because everyone and their dog went to Mexico to celebrate Easter or Galveston. Everyone was telling us how they celebrate Easter in their countries and did you know that in many countries they act out the Crucifixion of Christ. They actually have someone play the role of Christ and they whip him and put him on the cross. They keep the person up there for three hours and then take him down. Crazy! I'm glad we celebrate the happy part of Easter which is the Resurrection of our Savior. 

We found out last Tuesday that a ward member Brother who is on Dialysis got moved to a hospital right behind our apartment. So we went over and he was in ICU. His wife took us to the waiting room and we ended up teaching all the people that were there about our Savior and the resurrection. We sang the hymn Families Can Be Together Forever, and the spirit was so strong. Hermana B hasn't been able to go to church for the past year because she had to take her husband to dialysis every week, but she is still a super strong member and loved sharing her testimony with others. We then found out Saturday morning that her husband had passed a way. We called her and she sounded very content and relieved. She came to church yesterday and was very happy to be there. 

We went to the Houston Food Bank with the youth in the Stake for youth conference. Our job was to make lunch bags for starving school children here in Houston. At the end of the four hours we ended up making 5700 bags! We had long tables where people would package cereal, cans of fruit, vegetables, milk, juice, raisins, macaroni, and other things and my job was to take all the food off the pallets and take them out of the boxes to place them on the table. The manager told me that was a mans job, but no one wanted to do I used my muscles :) It was a super awesome experience and I loved it soooooo much. I love serving!  
Joel our recent convert is now coming out with us to lessons and we walk around with him to teach. He loves the Gospel so much and told us that this is his calling in life to preach the gospel. He's been passing out pass a long cards to people he meets on the bus and in a couple months he's going down to Mexico and is meeting up with the missionaries there to take them to his family. This work truly is amazing. 

I love you all very much!! Have a wonderful week. 
Les Quiero 

Hermana Watkins

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