Tuesday, April 1, 2014


This week was amazing! Like the title says we had a miracle baptism yesterday, and we noticed last night that we actually put in our goals to have a baptism, and God blessed us to reach that goal. Joel  was the one that was baptized yesterday and he is AMAZING! 

I have truly come to realize that God is the one doing everything I'm just here to help him do it, and be His instrument. Joel was a stranger that I had spoken to on the bus for 5 minutes and talked a little about Christ and then gave him a pass a long card before he got off. We then got a call from Salt Lake that this man wants us to come over. He had just gotten out of the hospital when I met him on the bus, because he had been robbed and stabbed in his chest and back late at night. Each lesson we had with him was amazing and he love learning about God. Yesterday right before his baptism we had one last lesson with him to ask him how he feels and to talk about the love of God and how happy God is with him right now. He then started talking about when he was in the hospital and when he was in his coma he could still think but was unable to move. He told us that one day he was in pure darkness and he was feeling really scared and was praying over and over again. He then said he saw a bright light, brighter than any light he has ever seen in his life. He then heard a voice that said, " Son you are not alone, I am here with you". He said I know that the person was my Heavenly Father, and he said you missionaries to help guide me to the right path. He told us that since God has give him this second chance to live, he will give all that he has to help God's church and serve for the rest of his life. I love him so much and I truly love this plan that God has for each person. 

After the baptism Joel and the Elders investigator both were able to receive the Holy Ghost.  The church is true!! He then stayed and watched Ephraims Rescue with us for the ward family home evening. :) 

We were also very blessed with many other miracles, but I believe this one trumps them all :) 

I also would like to share a little about preparing for conference (Christmas) :) This Saturday and Sunday we will have the opportunity to hear from our Prophet, Apostles, and other men and women called of God. They will be bringing messages from our Heavenly Father that are specifically for each and everyone of us. Are we prepared to hear the things that they have to say? 

I believe I shared this scripture before about going to the temple, but I'm using it now in another way. I don't have a lot of time... and my email is already long so I will try and summarize... but it's soooo good!

Ether 3:1-6
In this Chapter we read of the brother of Jared. He goes to the Lord with this problem/ question of how they can have light in the boats. He takes this rock (problem/question) and breaks it into smaller and clearer stones. We do the same with our questions we need to break them down so they are clear so God can answer us clearly. He takes these rocks up to the mount (Temple or in this case.. conference) And Prays to God with a humble heart knowing that he is unworthy of this help, but understands that it is a commandment to ask God. We need to do the same and pray and repent so that we may be clean for the help/ answers we will receive. He then asks for help. Gives God the specific questions and asks that he may touch the stones to give them light. This when we do this and we sit and listen to conference God will then give us the light and understanding that we need. The brother of Jared doesn't ask that the trip may be short or that they wont go through hard times while crossing the water, but he asks for the light. When we receive our answers, which we will, we need to know that we will still go through the rapids or the hard trials, but the light will give us an understanding and a help maid to get through. In the last verse the brother of Jared has the veil lifted from his eyes. We can have the same experience... it's called revelation. When things are revealed unto us the veil is no longer there and things make sense, and we can recognize that our answers are from God. I have learned a lot from the brother of Jared and how I need to have questions, not one big one, but little ones that are clear and simple. We then take the to the Lord for help. We pray and repent ( so our inner vessel may be clean to hold the light Alma 60:23). We then ask, and ask specifically. When we do these steps our Heavenly Father will answer us and take the veil from our eyes so we can understand what we need to do. But when we receive this we must ACT upon the answers. I also learn we need to have the faith of the brother of Jared that the Lord will answer us. I hope and pray that we may all follow this example and have wonderful conference. 

Sorry it was long.....
Les quiero muchisimo!!!!
Hermana Watkins

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