Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Working Hard and Toe Surgery

We were very blessed this week to get a lot of new investigators, not just the every day news, but really God prepared people who are ready to hear the Gospel and except it. One of the our new ones goes to a church called Lakewood or as the scriptures describe it, The Great an Abominable Church, and it just happens to be in our area. You should look it up on the internet. It's HUGE!! We found out yesterday that the main preacher guy used to be Mormon and he and all these other churches have come together to make one big church..... I think I'm going to stick with the church Christ established. 

This week has been a really long and I have hit past the point of exhaustion. I think it's because God is blessing us with more hours in the day so that we can have more lessons in the week, so we can hit our goals. Our schedule has been really whack and switched up. One morning we went over to one of our members homes and did gardening with them and she taught me a lot about organic food and eating healthy. Her family has decided to quit eating gluten and some other things. On the mission I have really come to understand the Word of Wisdom more. If we think about the law of keeping the sabbath day holy, or keeping ourselves away from worldly media like movies, Tv, and music. I believe its the same with the Word of Wisdom. Our bodies our temples of God and we are to keep "worldy things" from entering it. Are we eating things of God and fasting from the things of the world? I really am super interested in this topic and I want to study more into when I am home. She also is a home schooling mom, and she is a big time role model for me. I have no idea how she does all the things she does. 

On Thursday we had  interviews with President. I am so blessed to have such and awesome President. We have had some sad things happen in the mission with some obedience problems, ending with missionaries going home and he has been super awesome through it all. I also received sad news that my MTC companion Hermana Florence was sent home to have surgery on her Gal bladder and was given the choice to come back, but she has decided to stay home.

Each month each area with a car is given a certain amount of miles that they can use, and we ended up using a lot of those miles at the beginning of the month so we have been having a lot of fun getting on our bikes again and going on 30 min. bike rides to get to one lesson :) haha I really do love my bike... it's just some times the car is a lot faster. Especially when one of us gets a flat and we had to walk a good amount a miles to get back to our apartment. :) 

As of right now we have some really awesome families and singles with baptismal dates. We are really working on J and helping him feel ready again to be baptized this Sunday and then the following Sunday will be Christmas, with Conference and G's :) :) YAY!! We are already working on helping her get names to take to the temple the week after her baptism :) She  invited me and Hermana Jaeger to come back in a year for their sealing :) This is what this work is all about :) Getting families to the temple. 

Thursday we got to help teach seminary in the morning.... bright and early! They usually start at 5:30, but since it was spring break they started at 6:00. haha Utah kids are really spoiled to have seminary during school. 

Last story today is last Thursday I went back to the foot doctor so he could burn the warts on me heel again, and he noticed that I had a ingrown toe nail.... I've been getting them like every month on the mission and he decided that I should probably get surgery on it so it doesn't happen again. Next thing I know after 5 shots in my toe I couldn't feel anything and he was pushing knives down in my toe :) Hermana Jaeger and I were super fascinated. It was really cool, but weird that it was my toe and I couldn't feel it. 
Emily got to wear flip flops for 3 days after her toe surgery

I hope all is well at home and that Ross is doing better. Stay strong brother!! I love you all and I pray for you constantly.... P.s. I've taught like half the mission how to do the monster voice. We even have members that do it too. haha 

Les Quiero
Hermana Watkins

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