Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Well as you all probably know now.. I have been sick again. Two weeks ago on Thursday my stomach on the right side started to really hurt, but only if you would touch it. I was fine sitting and standing, but when you just barely touched it it felt like I had needles going in to my stomach. Well I decided to push it off and deal with the pain, but come Monday at the Zoo I started feeling more pain and the days following it started hurting more and more when I would sit or lay down. So Tuesday I spent all day on the phone with President Ashton, Sister Ashton, mission nurse, and mission Doctor. I ended up not going to the Doctor that night, but I went the next morning to Dr. Cabeza's my usual doctor. He wasn't very excited to hear that I was having stomach pains again. I had a urine and a couple blood tests done, and then set me up to get a cat scan later that day. So ended up cancelling all of our appointments and I had to drink  two "Berry Smoothies" for the cat scan and then I got results a couple days later saying that I have large cyst on the left side, but they couldn't see anything on the right side that would be causing pain. Then the Doctor called for a ultra sound and I received that this morning... I don't completely understand why I have these health problems, but I have seen a huge growth in myself from them. This morning I really felt God's love for me and the Atonement working in my life. I have my check up appointment on Wednesday and I can't wait to hear if they found anything new. I really am grateful for these test and trials I have been given. I've been praying and working hard at getting certain Christ like attributes and God has given me ways to receive them. 
On Friday we celebrated Hermana Jaeger's birthday by going out to lunch and our ward had a late Valentine's party... that sadly 30 people showed up to. Nefi and Guadalupe had us over for dinner and they bought a cake for Hermana and we had a mini party with Mauro :) She turned 22 and I was calling her old, but then remembered that I turn 21 this year...... I don't like getting old. Hermana Shill also celebrated her birthday yesterday... but she just turned 20. :) 

The work was not only slow with all the doctor things, but it was slow for everyone in our district. For some reason the past week either no one was home or they had some excuse's. One of the days we ended up playing outside with some kids and I had a lot of fun blowing bubbles for them. I miss playing with kids. :( 

We had a miracle and one of our recent converts finally came back from Mexico... sadly he didn't go to church the full 3 months he was there, and he started drinking coffee again. But God blessed us to find him and start bringing the light back into his life. All of our investigators and really progressing and were really working on having one more baptism before the transfer is over. I really hope and pray I'm still here for at least one more transfer with Hermana Jaeger and in this ward... I'M NEVER LEAVING!! :) 

Oh good news this week we get to go to the temple with one of the recent convert families and do baptisms for the dead with the ward :) Francisco is going too :) YAY!! 

I love you all, 
Les Quiero

Hermana Watkins

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