Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Dear Family, 
 All I know that I have been so blessed with an amazing companion. We had trials thrown at us left and right, but we decided that we weren't going to let that pull us down and we kept going at the work with a smile on our face and everything worked out great. 

Everything all kinda started with a bad experience my companion and I both went through at the Hospital with one of the test they ran on me. But through lots of prayers and cracking Mormon jokes we made it through. Wednesday all the results came back and they found a large cyst. They said that it's not large enough for it to be removed, but it will cause me a lot of pain. I was prescribed with some pain killers. I was really happy to get some answers. 

We had over 20 set lessons and half were with members and we were SUPER excited to get out to work. Yesterday we counted and 13 of those lessons cancelled on us. We just started laughing when the phone would ring right when we would pull up in the parking lot or street and they would call and cancel every time 5-10 minutes before the lesson. 

We have been experiencing some INSANE weather. One day it was in the 80's and the next we dropped down to 40. Yesterday going to church it was in the 70's once we got out of church we had dropped down to 31. BRRRRRRR..... I very much dislike the weather here... Not only is the weather whack outside, but our heater and air conditioner decided to control themselves... it's been fun burning up one minute and then freezing the next. And to make things better our hot water heater broke for two days. :) 

Last week I think I shared in my email that I was going to the temple with some recent converts. Well we got them all names and Francisco tooThe zone leaders called us a couple hours before and told us our recent converts just passed the deadline to go with the missionaries... 

We also had two people call us and tell us that they wanted the missionaries over again.... come to find out they both moved outside of our area. 

We also experienced muerte de hambre... STARVATION!! We ran out of food and money this week. :) haha 

I tell you all the these things for a reason. To let you know that this is life. We are going to have hard times, even when we're doing all the things that God has commanded us to do. We will still be tested, have bad weeks, and wonder why this is happening to us. It's not because we are bad missionaries or that we have been doing anything wrong. It's because God wants to make us stronger, and the only way that happens is through those hard times. It determines how we use our faith and if we are willing to be patient and diligent with pressing forward. I always find myself thinking of the pioneers, Joseph Smith, and of course our Savior Jesus Christ. They were all wonderful and one being a perfect person still dealt with trials. Since they decided to press forward and to do the will of God they were in the end blessed. I testify that these things are true. Friday and Saturday we were blessed with the fruits of our labor. Friday night Guadalupe told us that she wants to move her date sooner,  I can't explain the change that I have seen in her. She has gone from someone who didn't want anything to do with the church to someone who can't wait to be baptized and has already invited us to her sealing in one year! It testify that her change came from LOVE. I can't speak Spanish perfect and sometimes have know idea what the people say, but when you love them you help them see the love that their Heavenly Father has. Then on Saturday Joel one of our super legit converts told us that he wants to move his date from the 23 of March to 16 of March. :) :) This is what happens when you push forward. I thought maybe the trials were done come Saturday night and that the next day (Sunday) was going to be amazing.. it was but we were still trialed. Last night driving home from our last lesson we got a flat tire. We pulled over and there was a huge screw in our tire. We called the Elders and they and our Ward Missionary Leader came up and we stood in the freezing cold trying to fix our tire. 
This week was a test but my super awesome companion and I decided to stay positive, laugh instead of cry, joke instead of complain, and keep pushing forward. I loved this week, and I am so grateful for it. 

I love you all and hope and pray that all is well at home. Thank you for everything!!!!

Les Quiero
Hermana Watkins

P.s. I loved the creepy cat hug card you sent. Totally made my day. 
Veronica thanks for the letter from Taylor I loved it so much. 

p.p.s I ate grasshoppers this week..... they didn't taste bad... I'll show you the video of me eating when I get home :) 

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