Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A roller coaster ride

Hello family and friends, 
This week is explained perfectly in the title. There was some days that we were just rocketing up the hill and other times we were thrown back and forth through hoops and twists, but all in all it was a good week. 

We ended up teaching a lot of lessons this week and we were very blessed with 6 new ones :) One of them  has 5 kids all over the age of 8 and she is AMAZING! We brought a member with us for the first lesson and her daughter opened the door with a parrot on her head. We didn't have time to get a picture with the parrot, but don't worry next week I will make sure to get the parrot on my head and get a picture :) We taught the Restoration and our member Hermana Alonso shared her testimony about the Restoration that I thought was really cool. She explained that the church of Jesus Christ is like a mirror. Once Christ and the apostles died the mirror was broken and the people on the Earth would take parts of the mirror, or little truths to put into their church, but they didn't have the full mirror. This is why the Restoration is SOO important. Joseph Smith was called as a prophet to restore this "mirror" of church of Christ so that we may be able to have the fullness. We can also see everything perfectly clear when the mirror is put back together. The whole picture is there. I loved this analogy and I shared it in one of the other Restoration lessons we taught this week and the lady told me that it makes so much sense and she wants to pray to know if this church has that fullness. 
We were blessed with two new families. I have been praying my whole mission to teach a family. I've just been lucky with the old single men ;) haha, and the teenagers. We received  a couple baptismal dates this week as well. I love seeing the fruits of my labor. I will work in this vineyard all my life to see one fruit. It's totally worth it. Especially with the knowledge that I have that my Savior is right by me doing the same labor. 
I've been praying to find service, because for some reason the Hispanic's culture doesn't like people to serve them.... so we were sitting at a bus stop and this lady was walking on the other side of the road carrying a lot of stuff. So my companion and I ran over and helped her. We then introduced ourselves while we were walking and taught about our Savior. She then told us about her family and was saying some not very nice words... but asked to have one of our pass a long cards. She then told us she just got out of jail and would like to have more of our cards to pass out to some of her friends. While walking down the street she put her stuff down and told us to wait a second and she went into this building with no windows and lots of flashing lights... we then found out that it was a Strip/ bar. She came out and told us she passed out the stack of our pass a long cards to everyone and told them to stop feeling lonely and call this number. HAHAHA 
All day Friday we were on bikes trying to find people and we ended up going to this HUGE park called Memorial Park and we thought it would be an awesome place to find people, well we come to find out that Hispanics don't like going to parks.... so we talked to some white people and man I am so grateful I am teaching Hispanics. We did find one hispanic and she was working, but we have a lesson with her this week. We then went to this neighborhood where is past investigator from 2006 lives and he has a beautiful little house. He invited us in and told her to come meet his beautiful wife. We then walk into a small room where this adorable lady is in a hospital bed. She has alzhiemers and can't walk, talk, eat, nothing. He does everything for her. He told us how much he loved her and is willing to do anything for her. He is SUPER awesome and he wants us to come back and to teach his one son that lives in Houston. 

Out of all the loops and twists we went through the biggest one was with J. His baptism was for yesterday and everything was planned. He passed his interview and was super excited for Sunday to come. Sunday came and our member that we asked to pick up J went and waited for a couple minutes and then left without calling him or knocking on his door.He has been having some struggles with this guy because he feels like he doesn't like him and he also feels like a burden for the members to always pick him up... So he called us right before sacrament and told us to forget about the baptism... :( My heart broke. I want everyone to know that you as members are key to this work. I have learned a lot of things this week, and I think the biggest one is forgiveness. It's super hard sometimes to do, but our Savior did it. He suffered for each and everyone of us, even though who would not except him. We shall do the same. 
I love you all and pray for you constantly. I pray that you may all stay strong during the trials that you are struggling with. 
I love you!
Les Quiero

Hermana Watkins

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