Monday, July 15, 2013

A Busy Week

So time has been cut short today, because we are all going to a Science Museum today!! YAY!!  So I'm going to make a basic list of all the main things that happened this week and then talk about some a little more in detail. 
- A drunk guy tried kissing me... I pushed him away (nicely) and told him I don't do that and to have a nice day. And throughout the week we have ran into him 3 times now... ahhhhh!! 
- One of the Less Actives that were teaching doesn't believe in the bible or that Christ died for us. I really like him though. Him and my companion don't get a long and argue a lot so I basically teach those lessons. But he came to church yesterday!! YAY!!
- Last Tuesday my tire was flat so we went to Walmart to buy a new tube and came back and it wasn't flat anymore, but since we had to go to Walmart were able to run into one of our investigators that had moved away and had a baptismal date and we were really sad, but we found out that she moved back. The Lord works very mysteriously, and sometimes flattens your tire just so you can run into someone. That same day I got into my wreck on my bike, and I almost got his by a car... haha it was really funny. :)
-We had Zone meeting on Tuesday and everyone said my Spanish is really good... but I have no confidence speaking.... after the meeting Elder Palmer handed out mail and I got a cool post card from Lindsey V. and a letter from Kristen Ewell!! I was soooooo excited! I love mail! 
- One of the things that I just LOVE on my mission is when our investigators say their first prayer... AHHHH... it's like angels are singing all around us. WAY COOL!
- I can't remember what day it was, but it rained  A LOT and at one of the apartment complexes we go to had this HUGE puddle that covered like half the parking lot... so since we were already wet we decided to go through it, and I wish I would of taken a picture. It went all the way to my bottom. I was swimming. 
-The Doctor called and they want me to do more of the tests... that I told you about, but this one is a three day test and I have to do it three different ways. Yesterday at church I was having extreme pain and the Bishop said to go to the ER but then we had to call President and he called the Doctor in Utah that's over our mission and I was on the phone with him for  3 hours and he was calling different specialist all over and they decided not to send me to the ER because they would only do the test that I have already received. So after this morning the Doctor called again and I'm now on a lactose free diet for ten days, and then on the tenth day I have to eat a lot of milk products and see if it makes me sick. And tomorrow I'm getting more blood taken to check and see if I'm allergic to Celiac/Gluton. Hopefully we will receive answers. I feel like a burden for the missionaries that have to give their car to us or drive me everywhere. And all the doctors that are helping.  
- This week we found out a lot about some of our investigators/ Less active members. One of my favorite people to visit told us that he was in a gang when he was younger and killed like 3 people...... he's less active and hasn't come to church in 15 years, but we had probably one of the most spiritual lessons with him this past week. He really wants to be free from this guilt, but Satan is working on him hard! Another one of our investigators is pregnant and single. The one I talked about before doesn't believe in the bible or the atonement. Our newest investigators husband just got sent to jail and she has three little girls at home that one of our members watches for her everyday while she goes to work. And we had the family with abuse, one of our dads doesn't want to get married, because he likes to have fun with other women.. .ughh. We also have A LOT of emotional women. But man oh man. I have never loved people with problems so much!! It just really makes me sad to see them in these situations, but I love to see the changes in their lives when they apply the Gospel! 
-My companion and I almost made Standards of Excellence this week. We had 30 lessons and 10 member present lessons. :) We have seen  a huge improvement in our work and many miracles. I love this work!
-I received my first compliment from an investigator on my Spanish!! Whawhoo.. it was all the spirit though and not me. 
- Friday our whole district went and cleaned the church library... it was disgusting... But we found a lot of cool things. It took 15 missionaries 3 hours to clean it. That's how dirty it was... or how slow we are.. haha I love my district so much. After this transfer Elder Watts, and Hermana Moreno will die :( Hermana Moreno is from Spain so I will probably never see her again. Elder Watts is going to BYU so I'll probably see him.)

- On Saturday we had a Noche de Hogar or FHE and we had two investigators there with two of our ward member families. The Favelas and the Jimenez family. After we taught the lesson they wanted to play a game. I think everyone knows this game, It's called Telephone. Where you sit in a circle and whisper a sentence in someones ear and then pass it around. Well they thought it would be funny to put me in the middle so I would mess it all up... and guess what I did... haha it was a really long sentence in Spanish that I had know Idea so I just made something up . But the last round was my turn and I did it in English... haha suckers!! All I said was," I like food" and it came back around as a monster growl! haha it was really funny. I really like making a fool of myself and joking around. I love these two families. Actually I love everyone, and everything about my mission!!! I LOVE IT!! 
I think that is all... well probably not, but that's all I have time for. If I have time I will send pictures. I love you all with all my heart!! 
Les Quiero
Hermana Watkins

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