Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Sadly we don't get to really celebrate the 4th.  We had to be in by 7pm due to all the parties and drunk people.  No fireworks for me.  We can hear them but not see them. However, we do have time to make some really great food.  I ate all the food on the plate, my companion did not think I could do it.
I love FOOD, when I feel well enough to eat it.  YesterdayI went to the doctor and they are going to test me for a parasite, and he looked at the blood results from last week and he said that it looks like something might be wrong with my liver so they took more blood for testing.  I'm not worried.  I love my mission so much. Some days are really hard, but I have grown so much because of those days.  I love the people with all my heart, and I can't imagine leaving them one day.  Yesterday we had our last lesson planned with two investigators, they were committed to being baptized, but now their mom won't let them.  She is dealing with depression and dragging her daughters down with her.  We are trying to figure out how to help her.
This past week was transfers and we now have 15 missionaries in 1 ward!!!! What?! That's unheard of. Elder Lewis and his companion opened a new area in our ward, but the rumor is the ward boundaries are changing soon so are district will be a lot smaller. I love my district. Every week after we are all done emailing and shopping we meet up at the church and play volleyball! So much fun! I'm still not allowed to go out in the middle of the day with the medication, but I got really sick of our apartments some days and we went out anyway. I didn't notice a huge difference besides the really bad sunburns I get and I'm exhausted... Whoops! 
The ward has asked us to go through our ward directory and find every member and less active in our area. So we've been running around A LOT! We met with this less active names Jesse and he was baptized last October. He told us he just got baptized because the missionaries wouldn't leave him a lone so he gave in knowing that they would stop bugging him about it. Sad... I don't ever want to do that to an investigator. I really like him though. He's 27 and lives at home and is wondering what he should do with his life. He was really shocked that they have girl missionaries, and like everyone else, asked how do you ride a bike wearing a skirt? ha I love that question, because I honestly have no idea. Jesse said he wants to meet with us and really wants to come to church. Yay! Another cool story while we were out trying to find people on the directory we ran into this guy named Chris. He lives right next door to one of our members and he was really impressed with our Spanish and how we can ride a bike with a skirt too. 
Thank you all who have sent emails, they are great, but missionaries love hand written letters, they are the BEST.  I keep wanting to type in Spanish (that is a good sign).  Today I spoke Spanish for 3 hours straight.  Hermana Wilzbach says I am doing well.  Next is a picture of Juana.  She is an adorable little girl that I love so much.

There are some yucky bugs down here.  One day we came home and saw this bug by our front door.  Both of us screamed for 5 minutes then realized we had to kill it .  Yuck! Hermana and I every night after planning we turn off all the lights and wait  5 minutes and then we take our bike flashlights into the kitchen and we kill all the nasty little cockroaches. I hate them!! We are pretty funny trying to kill them... haha I wish I could send videos home so you could see how funny we are. 
Our investigator "C" is progressing really fast and she can't wait to be baptized. We actually might move her date to be sooner. :) I know I am supposed to be here for her. I love when we got teach her. We have been told a lot the last couple weeks by our investigators and members that they wouldn't know what to do if Elders were here, because we mainly work with women and some are VERY emotional and just need a shoulder to cry on. Having transfers this week really made me sad for the day that I will be transferred. I will most likely be here for one more transfer after this one, but then I will probably be gone... :( I don't want to say goodbye. I really hope I get put back in this area before I go home. I love this ward!! Man I love everything about my mission! Except this week we had to drop some of our investigators............ hardest thing of my life! I did not like it one bit!! 
My dear family and friends! I know this Gospel is true with all my heart, and I know that our Savior lives and he died for us. I have truly come to know how important it is to repent daily and keep pushing forward. I am so grateful for the Atonement and what a huge blessing it is to have in our lives. I love, love, love sharing this Gospel and helping bring my brothers and sisters unto the remembrance of the truthfulness. Remember to read and pray daily. Always have a prayer in your heart. Love you all!!
Oh and if you have been wondering how on earth does she have time to write this long of an email??  It's because our mission President allows us to email for 90 minutes. :) Yeah Buddy!!

Have a great week.  I love you all, the church is TRUE!
Lover, Hermana Watkins

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