Monday, September 9, 2013

Good Week

It feels really weird that today is already Pday. Holiday weeks really throw me off!! This last week felt very slow! We were able to meet all Standards of excellence again but the baptism and confirmation. Even though were not meeting all of them I have seen a huge change in our area and in this work. The Lords work is hastening on, and I  am so grateful to be part of it. :)

Next week Hermana and I will hopefully be able to reach all Standards. I hope you don't think numbers is all I care about. That's very, very wrong! I love our investigators and truly focus on them and the things that are important. I am just very impressed with our progression and the miracles that we have been given. This next Sunday our dear investigator John is getting baptized :) :) He received his interview last night and is already to go! We're very excited for him and his decision to be baptized. He's 17 and his older brother was baptized almost a year ago, and we've been working with him the last 2 months, and has progressed very well.

Last night we had a devotional for investigators and less actives at the Bissonnett church. It was really good, and I understood everything that was said last night. :) The lord has really blessed me this last transfer with the gift of tongues. Everyone in my zone thinks that next transfer I'm staying and taking over the area and Hermana Wilzbach is leaving. I'm super nervous if that is true, but excited too. I love change, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to leave all of our investigators.

Last Thursday my all time favorite investigator Francisco came out with us all day after planning. We taught four lessons with him. But he doesn't have transportation so we got to walk all around our area. Super exhausting, but really fun. :) He told us that we go in some of the scariest areas in our county. Weird.... I feel totally safe. We had one lesson were the investigator fed us and were pretty sure it was cat food....... Yummy!! haha You should of seen Francisco trying to eat it... haha. Francisco really helped me out with my Spanish and I we walked around were he would be the missionary and I would ask him questions about his belief and the church. I can't wait till you guys can meet him. He's LEGIT!! Francisco also fed us on Saturday. He made Fajita meat and sausage :)  I LOVE IT!! He also bought us two beautiful cakes. Man he's AWESOME!!! Were so blessed to have these amazing investigators.

Other then that not a lot happened. Family History was super stressful..... but went well. Every car in Texas has there favorite football teams flags on their cars. The mosquitos are killing me!!! And we found a flying spider in our apartment this morning! My worst nightmare just came true.

I love you all!! I hope Lindsey had a wonderful Birthday! I was thinking about you :) I have another present to send you that one of my investigators made :)

The Church is True!!!

Hermana Watkins

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