Monday, September 16, 2013

Hello family and friends,

So this week was..... THE BEST WEEK EVER!! Why?? Because we finally made Standards of Excellence!! Heavenly Father truly blessed us and our area this week. The week started out slow because neither of us were feeling to good, but we both received blessings and off we went!! I'm so grateful for the priesthood. :)

This last week we received a lot of news, and almost all of them were people that came up to us and asked us for help. The coolest experience happened yesterday. We were walking over to Johns house to help him prepare for his baptism and teach his family one last time (His mom wants to listen to us now) but this white gangster guy came up to us and was kind of buzzed, but he asked us who we were and what we beleived in. He told us that he just got released from prison because he was accused for attempted murder..... Surprisingly I wasn't scared of him at all. Hermana and I both felt very safe with him. He wanted us to pray with him and so on the side of the road we did, and he said probably one of the most sincere prayers I have ever heard. It was beautiful!! We hope to teach him again this week :)

Other cool things that happened this week are I finally learned how to make pupusas!! And Hermana Sproule says I'm Pro :) I'm excited to come home and make this new food for ya'll <- That's my southern accent coming out.. haha Hermana Sproule surprised Hermana Wilzbach and I with brand new shoes... because ours are starting to get holes in the bottom. I love her!! This Friday our ward had Latino night were everyone wore their clothes and colors from their countries, and then we had TONS of Food and they did dances from all their countries. I loved it! I want to study cultures!!

  And last but far from least.... John got baptized yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was such a beautiful service. We had 3 from our district get baptized and the show up was HUGE!!

I really love reading in the scriptures. Heavenly Father has really blessed me these past couple months with helping me really understanding the scriptures. This past week I was finishing Alma and I've never really understood why those last couple chapters about wars are even in the BOM, but I learned so much from them. In Alma 60:23-24 it talks about cleaning our inner vessel before the outward one. I really applied this to working with the wards and making them stronger before we go out to fight the world and clean the outer vessel. Our President has really been stressing the importance of strengthening the members and the ward, and it's been a huge blessing for Hermana and me.

So a couple quick stories... 1. I now dream in Spanish every night and my companion says I sleep talk in Spanish too!! Yay! 2. We have 100 of dead cucarachas (cockroaches) in our apartment everyday, because they finally came and put poison around.. Super nasty!! 3. This morning I did surgery on my companions foot and cut out her hang nail... Super cool!!! Maybe I will go into surgery... ha 4. Hermana woke me up the other night screaming, "GET UP, GET UP" So I jumped out of bed and she flipped on the lights and was pointing up at the wall next to my bed and she looks at me and she thought she saw a GIANT cockroach by my bed, but she was dreaming it. haha. You had to of been there.

Well I would love to tell you more, but I don't want my email to be to long.. haha Transfers are next week... I guess will see what happens. :) The church is true. I know it!! I LOVE the scriptures sooooooooooo much!
Have a great week!!
Les Quiero

Hermana Watkins

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