Monday, September 30, 2013


Hello family and friends!
This week has been super crazy, but really awesome! 
Yes I'm training and yes I was transferred. I'm still in the same ward, which is awesome, so I can still see all my other investigators coming to church. I'm now in Houston West. I just moved South a little. My new area is extremely different from Houston NW. There's more wealth and I'm in a car :( I miss riding my bike everyday, but it's nice to be in the air conditioner... now that it's cooling down. haha Oh I'm also in a trio. Like President said I was going to receive help training. :) My companions are Hermana Carlson ( Who is my Grandma, she trained Hermana Wilzbach) and my baby is Hermana Groves. :)

I love both my companions A TON!! Holy cow, Heavenly Father put me with the two most wonderful missionaries in the world! They are exactly what I needed! Hermana Groves is from Cedar City, Utah and her MTC experience was a lot like mine. She really struggled with the language, which is helping me a lot, because I get to teach her and my Spanish is getting a lot better now. And Hermana Carlson is basically native.

The trio Hermana Carlson, Hermana Groves, and Emily
The area is still hard for me to get used too. It's kind of like how my old area was when we first got into it... dead... we have like half the lessons that we did in my old area and less members live here. But I have the chub in my area!!!! We have a half member family in my area and they have the cutest/ chubbiest baby in the world! Well besides Charlotte and Lincoln. I just wish I could hold him. He has stolen my heart. This area has a lot of kids and babies in it though... It's killing me!! I love BABIES!!!
Emily and her district sisters
The Womens broadcast was WONDERFUL! Oh my goodness it was exactly what I needed to hear and all of our members. :) It was really cool seeing  Kelsey Rust and Jessica Grammar in the MTC choir. Herman Johnson and I were freaking out when we saw them. It is always nice to see Vernal people. Our new bishop said he knows the Colovich's son. They said he served here in Houston and they've gone to visit him in Vernal before. Small world.

The new bishop is exactly what the ward needed! He's main focus is strengthening the ward. Yesterday was 5th Sunday and he had all the missionaries go up and introduce ourselves and what areas were in and everyone in the ward is supposed to call the missionaries and set up a time for us to come over the house to have a noche de mormones which is kind of like family home evening, but they invite either a investigator, another memeber family, or less active. I'm REALLY excited to see the progression. Especially in this area. President really wants us to pray for a vision for our area, and what God wants for it. There's going to be a lot of changes, and it's going to be hard but I'm excited. 
I never thought I would see my daughter holding a cockroach!
Random things... we don't have a dryer so we have to ghetto dry our clothes in the apartment.. I forgot to take a picture. I get to go to my old area tomorrow on exchanges with my baby Hermana Groves. I now have a 6 pack :) I've lost more weight being in a car and having a gym then I did when I was on a bike everyday.... weird! Probably because we don't have member feeding us every single day. haha
I love you all,
Hermana Watkins

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